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Waiting for dvipdfm to finish...
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Located in dviexport.cpp:268
Export: %1 to PDF
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Located in dviexport.cpp:271
<qt>The external program 'dvipdfm', which was used to export the file, reported an error. You might wish to look at the <strong>document info dialog</strong> which you will find in the File-Menu for a precise error report.</qt>
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Located in dviexport.cpp:280
<qt><P>This DVI file refers to external graphic files which are not in PostScript format, and cannot be handled by the <strong>dvips</strong> program that Okular uses interally to print or to export to PostScript. The functionality that you require is therefore unavailable in this version of Okular.</p><p>As a workaround, you can use the <strong>File/Export As</strong>-Menu to save this file in PDF format, and then use a PDF viewer.</p><p>It is planned to add this functionality at a later date.</p></qt>
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Located in dviexport.cpp:311
Functionality Unavailable
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Located in dviexport.cpp:317
Okular could not locate the program 'dvips' on your computer. That program is essential for the export function to work.
Hint to the perplexed system administrator: Okular uses the PATH environment variable when looking for programs.
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Located in dviexport.cpp:323
*.ps|PostScript (*.ps)
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Located in dviexport.cpp:336
Using dvips to export the file to PostScript
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Located in dviexport.cpp:423
Okular is currently using the external program 'dvips' to convert your DVI-file to PostScript. Sometimes that can take a while because dvips needs to generate its own bitmap fonts Please be patient.
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Located in dviexport.cpp:424
Waiting for dvips to finish...
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Located in dviexport.cpp:428
1019 of 97 results

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