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%1 T
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:68
%1 P
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:69
The priority with which this process is being run. For the normal scheduler, this ranges from 19 (very nice, least priority) to -19 (top priority).
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:954
The current total CPU usage of the process, divided by the %1 processor core in the machine.
The current total CPU usage of the process, divided by the %1 processor cores in the machine.
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:962
<qt>The total user and system time that this process has been running for, displayed as minutes:seconds.
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:966
<qt>This is the amount of virtual memory space that the process is using, included shared libraries, graphics memory, files on disk, and so on. This number is almost meaningless.</qt>
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:968
<qt>This is the amount of real physical memory that this process is using by itself, and approximates the Private memory usage of the process.<br>It does not include any swapped out memory, nor the code size of its shared libraries.<br>This is often the most useful figure to judge the memory use of a program. See What's This for more information.</qt>
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:970
<qt>This is approximately the amount of real physical memory that this process's shared libraries are using.<br>This memory is shared among all processes that use this library.</qt>
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:972
<qt><i>Technical information: </i>The kernel process name is a maximum of 8 characters long, so the full command is examined. If the first word in the full command line starts with the process name, the first word of the command line is shown, otherwise the process name is used.
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:993
<qt>The user who owns this process. If the effective, setuid etc user is different, the user who owns the process will be shown, followed by the effective user. The ToolTip contains the full information. <p><table><tr><td>Login Name/Group</td><td>The username of the Real User/Group who created this process</td></tr><tr><td>Effective User/Group</td><td>The process is running with privileges of the Effective User/Group. This is shown if different from the real user.</td></tr><tr><td>Setuid User/Group</td><td>The saved username of the binary. The process can escalate its Effective User/Group to the Setuid User/Group.</td></tr><tr><td>File System User/Group</td><td>Accesses to the filesystem are checked with the File System User/Group. This is a Linux specific call. See setfsuid(2) for more information.</td></tr></table>
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Located in ProcessModel.cpp:995
110 of 56 results

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