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This is an image of the opening quotation character for your language.
The image is used as a watermark on blockquote elements.  There are a
number of different quote characters used by various languages, so the
image name is translatable.  The name of the icon should be of the form
"watermark-blockquote-XXXX.png", where XXXX is the Unicode code point
of the opening quote character.  For example, some languages use the
double angle quotation mark.  Translators for these languages should
use "watermark-blockquote-00AB.png".

The image, however, is not automatically created.  Do not translate
this to a value if there isn't a corresponding file in gnome-doc-utils,
under the directory data/watermarks.

Languages that use guillemets (angle quotation marks) should use either
00AB or 00BB, depending on whether the opening quotation is the left
guillemet or the right guillemet.  Languages that use inverted comma
quotation marks should use 201C, 201D, or 201E.  Single quotation marks
don't make very nice watermarks, so if you would normally open a quote
with single quotation marks in your language, use the corresponding
double quotation mark for the watermark image.

Translators who have been around Gnome for a while should recognize
this as nearly the same as the "yelp-watermark-blockquote-201C" string
once found inside Yelp.  The watermark functionality has been moved to

(no translation yet)
Located in ../xslt/gettext/
101101 of 101 results

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