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Active plugins
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:43
Automatic orientation
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:1
Close main window without asking to save changes.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:34
Determines how transparency should be indicated. Valid values are CHECK_PATTERN, COLOR and NONE. If COLOR is chosen, then the trans-color key determines the color value used.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:10
If activated and no image is loaded in the active window, the file chooser will display the user's pictures folder using the XDG special user directories. If deactivated or the pictures folder has not been set up, it will show the current working directory.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:38
If activated, Eye of GNOME won't ask for confirmation when moving images to the trash. It will still ask if any of the files cannot be moved to the trash and would be deleted instead.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:36
If activated, the detailed metadata list in the properties dialog will be moved to its own page in the dialog. This should make the dialog more usable on smaller screens, e.g. as used by netbooks. If disabled, the widget will be embedded on the "Metadata" page.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:40
If this is active, the color set by the background-color key will be used to fill the area behind the image. If it is not set, the current GTK+ theme will determine the fill color.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:19
Image gallery pane position. Set to 0 for bottom; 1 for left; 2 for top; 3 for right.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:30
List of active plugins. It doesn't contain the "Location" of the active plugins. See the .eog-plugin file for obtaining the "Location" of a given plugin.
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Located in ../data/org.gnome.eog.gschema.xml.in.h:44
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