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%d dpi
Preferences dialog: Label for resolution value in resolution list (dpi = dots per inch)
(no translation yet)
Located in src/preferences-dialog.vala:381
No scanners available. Please connect a scanner.
Error displayed when no scanners to scan with
(no translation yet)
Located in src/scanner.vala:901
Unable to connect to scanner
Error displayed when cannot connect to scanner
(no translation yet)
Located in src/scanner.vala:931
Document feeder empty
Error displayed when no documents at the start of scanning
(no translation yet)
Located in src/scanner.vala:1361 src/scanner.vala:1495
Insufficient memory to perform scan.
Try to decrease <tt>Resolution</tt> or <tt>Page Size</tt> in <tt>Preferences</tt> menu. For some scanners when scanning in high resolution, the scan size is restricted.
Out of memory error message with help instruction.
Message written in Pango text markup language,
A carriage return makes a line break, <tt> tag makes a monospace font
There are line breaks here. Each one represents a line break. Start a new line in the equivalent position in the translation.
(no translation yet)
Located in src/scanner.vala:1369
Unable to start scan
Error display when unable to start scan
(no translation yet)
Located in src/scanner.vala:1382
Error communicating with scanner
Error displayed when communication with scanner broken
(no translation yet)
Located in src/scanner.vala:1395 src/scanner.vala:1505
Show release version
Help string for command line --version flag
(no translation yet)
Located in src/simple-scan.vala:21
Print debugging messages
Help string for command line --debug flag
(no translation yet)
Located in src/simple-scan.vala:24
Fix PDF files generated with older versions of this app
(no translation yet)
Located in src/simple-scan.vala:26
201210 of 214 results

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