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You should be warned by the package manager when you try to install restricted software. If the restricted software cannot be used legally in your country then there is little you can do; you should not install the software. If the software is restricted simply because it is non-free, you may choose to use it (for example, in the case of graphics card drivers). Be aware that most restricted software is not supported in Ubuntu, and problems with such software often cannot be corrected by Ubuntu developers.
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Sometimes it is difficult to determine why a particular software package is restricted. If this is the case, seek advice on the <ulink url="">Ubuntu Forums</ulink>. If you are still unable to determine why a package is restricted, err on the side of caution and do not install it; it may be illegal to use it in your country.
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Overview of the default Ubuntu software repositories
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When you install software on Ubuntu, the package manager automatically downloads the required software packages from a <emphasis>software repository</emphasis>, a location on the Internet which stores collections of packages ready to be downloaded.
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There are thousands of programs available to install on Ubuntu. These programs are stored in software repositories and are made freely available for all Ubuntu users. This makes it very easy to install new programs, and it is also very secure because each program you install is built specially for Ubuntu and checked before it is allowed into the repositories.
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Software repositories
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To organize the software, Ubuntu repositories are categorized into four groups: <emphasis>Main</emphasis>, <emphasis>Restricted</emphasis>, <emphasis>Universe</emphasis>, and <emphasis>Multiverse</emphasis>. The rationale used to determine which software goes into which category is based on the level of support that software development teams provide for a program and the level of compliance the program has to the <ulink url="">Free Software Philosophy</ulink>.
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The standard Ubuntu Install CD contains some software from the <emphasis>Main</emphasis> and <emphasis>Restricted</emphasis> categories.
უბუნტუს სტანდარტული საინსტალაციო დისკი შეიცავს რამოდენიმე პროგრამას <emphasis>Main</emphasis> და <emphasis>Restricted</emphasis> კატეგორიებიდან.
Translated and reviewed by Lasha Gvaramia
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If your system is connected to the Internet, many more software programs are made available for installation. For example, the <quote>Universe</quote> and <quote>Multiverse</quote> repositories are only available over the Internet.
თუ თქვენი სისტემა შეერთებულია ინტერნეტთან, უფრო მეტი პროგრამები არის ხელმისაწვდომი ინსტალაციისთვის. მაგალითად, <quote>Universe</quote> და <quote>Multiverse</quote> რეპოზიტორები არის ხელმისაწვდომი მხოლოდ ინტერნეტის მეშვეობით.
Translated and reviewed by Lasha Gvaramia
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The <emphasis>Multiverse</emphasis> repository contains software which has been classified as <emphasis>non-free</emphasis>. This software may not be permitted in some jurisdictions. When installing each package from this repository, you should verify that the laws of your country permit you to use it. Also, this software may not include security updates.
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