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Usage: fuser [-fMuv] [-a|-s] [-4|-6] [-c|-m|-n SPACE] [-k [-i] [-SIGNAL]] NAME...
fuser -l
fuser -V
Show which processes use the named files, sockets, or filesystems.

-a,--all display unused files too
-i,--interactive ask before killing (ignored without -k)
-k,--kill kill processes accessing the named file
-l,--list-signals list available signal names
-m,--mount show all processes using the named filesystems or block device
-M,--ismountpoint fulfill request only if NAME is a mount point
-n,--namespace SPACE search in this name space (file, udp, or tcp)
-s,--silent silent operation
-SIGNAL send this signal instead of SIGKILL
-u,--user display user IDs
-v,--verbose verbose output
-V,--version display version information
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Located in src/fuser.c:105
1 of 82 results

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