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<msgid>bibliolabel.format</msgid> <msgstr>[<bibliolabel/>]</msgstr>
This is a special format message.  Please read the full translator
documentation before translating this message.  The documentation
is maintained as part of the stylesheet documentation in DocBook.
For your convenience, it has also been converted to an HTML file
named STYLESHEETS.xml in the i18n directory.

biblioentry - An entry in a bibliography
bibliomixed - An entry in a bibliography

This is a format message used to format the labels for entries in
a bibliography.  The content of the label is often an abbreviation
of the authors' names and the year of publication.  In English,
these are generally formatted with [square brackets] surrounding

This string is similar to citation.format, but they are used in
different places.  The citation formatter is used when referencing
a bibliography entry in running prose.  This formatter is used for
the actual bibliography entry.  You may use the same formatting for
both, but you don't have to.

Special elements in the message will be replaced with the
appropriate content, as follows:

bibliolabel - The text content of the bibliography label

These should be written as empty XML elements.  Due to limitations
in intltool, I can't write XML content in translator comments.  To
insert the label, simply write left angle bracket, bibliolabel,
slash, right angle bracket.

Additionally, format messages can use the i, b, and tt markup tags
to mark text as italic, bold, and monospace.

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Located in ../xslt/gettext/
11 of 101 results

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