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pipe failed: %s
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Located in ../src/daemon/main.c:627
%s [options]

-h, --help Show this help
--version Show version
--dump-conf Dump default configuration
--dump-modules Dump list of available modules
--dump-resample-methods Dump available resample methods
--cleanup-shm Cleanup stale shared memory segments
--start Start the daemon if it is not running
-k --kill Kill a running daemon
--check Check for a running daemon (only returns exit code)

--system[=BOOL] Run as system-wide instance
-D, --daemonize[=BOOL] Daemonize after startup
--fail[=BOOL] Quit when startup fails
--high-priority[=BOOL] Try to set high nice level
(only available as root, when SUID or
with elevated RLIMIT_NICE)
--realtime[=BOOL] Try to enable realtime scheduling
(only available as root, when SUID or
with elevated RLIMIT_RTPRIO)
--disallow-module-loading[=BOOL] Disallow module user requested module
loading/unloading after startup
--disallow-exit[=BOOL] Disallow user requested exit
--exit-idle-time=SECS Terminate the daemon when idle and this
time passed
--module-idle-time=SECS Unload autoloaded modules when idle and
this time passed
--scache-idle-time=SECS Unload autoloaded samples when idle and
this time passed
--log-level[=LEVEL] Increase or set verbosity level
-v Increase the verbosity level
--log-target={auto,syslog,stderr} Specify the log target
--log-meta[=BOOL] Include code location in log messages
--log-time[=BOOL] Include timestamps in log messages
--log-backtrace=FRAMES Include a backtrace in log messages
-p, --dl-search-path=PATH Set the search path for dynamic shared
objects (plugins)
--resample-method=METHOD Use the specified resampling method
(See --dump-resample-methods for
possible values)
--use-pid-file[=BOOL] Create a PID file
--no-cpu-limit[=BOOL] Do not install CPU load limiter on
platforms that support it.
--disable-shm[=BOOL] Disable shared memory support.

-L, --load="MODULE ARGUMENTS" Load the specified plugin module with
the specified argument
-F, --file=FILENAME Run the specified script
-C Open a command line on the running TTY
after startup

-n Don't load default script file
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Located in ../src/daemon/cmdline.c:115
Invalid log target: use either 'syslog', 'stderr' or 'auto'.
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/daemon/cmdline.c:321
[%s:%u] rlimit not supported on this platform.
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/daemon/daemon-conf.c:294
Low Frequency Emmiter
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/pulse/channelmap.c:115
Side Right
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/pulse/channelmap.c:119
Auxiliary 0
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/pulse/channelmap.c:121
Auxiliary 1
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/pulse/channelmap.c:122
Auxiliary 2
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/pulse/channelmap.c:123
Auxiliary 3
(no translation yet)
Located in ../src/pulse/channelmap.c:124
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