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<application>Amarok</application> is the <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> application for playing audio <acronym>CDs</acronym>. When a <acronym>CD</acronym> is inserted, <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> will recognize it and display default options. To hear the content with <application>Amarok</application>, select <guilabel>Play Audio CD with Amarok</guilabel> and then press <guibutton>OK</guibutton> button. <application>Amarok</application> can be configured to remember this choice every time a <acronym>CD</acronym> is inserted by selecting <guilabel>Always do this for this type of media</guilabel>, and pressing <guibutton>OK</guibutton>. <application>Amarok</application> offers other useful features. If connected to the Internet, <application>Amarok</application> will retrieve <acronym>CD</acronym> artist, title, and track data from <ulink url=""></ulink>. It will also download the lyrics for the current selection if they are available by choosing the <guilabel>Lyrics</guilabel> tab. Other Artist information can be found on <ulink url="">Wikipedia</ulink> by selecting the <guilabel>Artist</guilabel> tab.
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For editing audio files, <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> provides <application>Audacity</application>, a full-featured, free and open source software application. To use <application>Audacity</application>:
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Run <application>Audacity</application> by going to <menuchoice><guimenu>Kickoff Application Launcher</guimenu><guisubmenu>Applications</guisubmenu><guisubmenu>Multimedia</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>Audacity</guimenuitem></menuchoice>.
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Detailed instructions (including tutorials and weblinks) on using <application>Audacity</application> can be found by going to <menuchoice><guimenu>Help</guimenu><guisubmenu>Contents</guisubmenu></menuchoice> from within <application>Audacity</application>.
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In addition to being the <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> music player, <application>Amarok</application> is is helpful for managing music collections. When <application>Amarok</application> is started for the first time, it will ask for the primary directory that contains music files. Any supported music files in that directory will be added to the <application>Amarok</application> database. Subsequent changes made to that directory will be reflected in <application>Amarok</application>. Start <application>Amarok</application> by going to <menuchoice><guimenu>Kickoff Application Launcher</guimenu><guisubmenu>Applications</guisubmenu><guisubmenu>Multimedia</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>Music Player (Amarok)</guimenuitem></menuchoice>.
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Another useful <application>Amarok</application> feature is the built-in ID3 tag editor for editing the metadata of music files. For more information on the editor, please refer to <ulink type="help" url="help:/amarok">Amarok Handbook</ulink>.
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iPod Time
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Another exciting <application>Amarok</application> feature is the ability to play music directly from an iPod. <application>Amarok</application> can also be used to transfer music files to and from an iPod. Please refer to the <ulink type="help" url="help:/amarok">Amarok Handbook</ulink> for more information on transferring and managing iPod media files.
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When an audio <acronym>CD</acronym> is inserted, <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> will recognize it, mount it, and then ask what to do with the <acronym>CD</acronym>. Choose <guilabel>Create an audio CD with K3B</guilabel> and press <guibutton>OK</guibutton>. This will open <application>K3b</application>, the <acronym>CD</acronym> and <acronym>DVD</acronym> Kreator, and provide various options.
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To start <application>K3b</application> manually, go to <menuchoice><guimenu>Kickoff Application Launcher</guimenu><guisubmenu>Applications</guisubmenu><guisubmenu>Multimedia</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>CD &amp; DVD Burning (K3b)</guimenuitem></menuchoice>.
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