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Could not initiate attachment compression.
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Located in attachmentcompressjob.cpp:64
Could not compress the attachment.
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Located in attachmentcompressjob.cpp:74
a file called 'unknown.ext'
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Located in attachmentfromurljob.cpp:83
"%1" not found. Please specify the full path.
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Located in attachmentfromurljob.cpp:136
You may not attach files bigger than %1.
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Located in attachmentfromurljob.cpp:145
<p>The <em>MIME type</em> of the file:</p><p>Normally, you do not need to touch this setting, since the type of the file is automatically checked; but, sometimes, %1 may not detect the type correctly -- here is where you can fix that.</p>
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Located in attachmentpropertiesdialog.cpp:124
<p>The estimated size of the attachment:</p><p>Note that, in an email message, a binary file encoded with base64 will take up four thirds the actual size of the file.</p>
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Located in attachmentpropertiesdialog.cpp:131
<p>The file name of the part:</p><p>Although this defaults to the name of the attached file, it does not specify the file to be attached; rather, it suggests a file name to be used by the recipient's mail agent when saving the part to disk.</p>
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Located in attachmentpropertiesdialog.cpp:136
<p>A description of the part:</p><p>This is just an informational description of the part, much like the Subject is for the whole message; most mail agents will show this information in their message previews alongside the attachment's icon.</p>
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Located in attachmentpropertiesdialog.cpp:143
<p>The transport encoding of this part:</p><p>Normally, you do not need to change this, since %1 will use a decent default encoding, depending on the MIME type; yet, sometimes, you can significantly reduce the size of the resulting message, e.g. if a PostScript file does not contain binary data, but consists of pure text -- in this case, choosing "quoted-printable" over the default "base64" will save up to 25% in resulting message size.</p>
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Located in attachmentpropertiesdialog.cpp:150
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