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<p>This option specifies how much KWin will try to prevent unwanted focus stealing caused by unexpected activation of new windows. (Note: This feature does not work with the Focus Under Mouse or Focus Strictly Under Mouse focus policies.)<ul><li><em>None:</em> Prevention is turned off and new windows always become activated.</li><li><em>Low:</em> Prevention is enabled; when some window does not have support for the underlying mechanism and KWin cannot reliably decide whether to activate the window or not, it will be activated. This setting may have both worse and better results than the medium level, depending on the applications.</li><li><em>Medium:</em> Prevention is enabled.</li><li><em>High:</em> New windows get activated only if no window is currently active or if they belong to the currently active application. This setting is probably not really usable when not using mouse focus policy.</li><li><em>Extreme:</em> All windows must be explicitly activated by the user.</li></ul></p><p>Windows that are prevented from stealing focus are marked as demanding attention, which by default means their taskbar entry will be highlighted. This can be changed in the Notifications control module.</p>
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Located in windows.cpp:163
The focus policy is used to determine the active window, i.e. the window you can work in. <ul> <li><em>Click to focus:</em> A window becomes active when you click into it. This is the behavior you might know from other operating systems.</li> <li><em>Focus follows mouse:</em> Moving the mouse pointer actively on to a normal window activates it. New windows will receive the focus, without you having to point the mouse at them explicitly. Very practical if you are using the mouse a lot.</li> <li><em>Focus under mouse:</em> The window that happens to be under the mouse pointer is active. If the mouse points nowhere, the last window that was under the mouse has focus. New windows will not automatically receive the focus.</li> <li><em>Focus strictly under mouse:</em> Only the window under the mouse pointer is active. If the mouse points nowhere, nothing has focus.</li> </ul>Note that 'Focus under mouse' and 'Focus strictly under mouse' prevent certain features such as the Alt+Tab walk through windows dialog in the KDE mode from working properly.
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Located in windows.cpp:134
When this option is enabled, the active Xinerama screen (where new windows appear, for example) is the screen containing the mouse pointer. When disabled, the active Xinerama screen is the screen containing the focused window. By default this option is disabled for Click to focus and enabled for other focus policies.
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Located in windows.cpp:249
When turned on immediately switch to any new window tabs that were automatically added to the current group.
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Located in windows.cpp:580
The placement policy determines where a new window will appear on the desktop. <ul> <li><em>Smart</em> will try to achieve a minimum overlap of windows</li> <li><em>Maximizing</em> will try to maximize every window to fill the whole screen. It might be useful to selectively affect placement of some windows using the window-specific settings.</li> <li><em>Cascade</em> will cascade the windows</li> <li><em>Random</em> will use a random position</li> <li><em>Centered</em> will place the window centered</li> <li><em>Zero-Cornered</em> will place the window in the top-left corner</li></ul>
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Located in windows.cpp:610
When turned on, utility windows (tool windows, torn-off menus,...) of inactive applications will be hidden and will be shown only when the application becomes active. Note that applications have to mark the windows with the proper window type for this feature to work.
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Located in windows.cpp:636
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