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Session management options:
(no translation yet)
Located in ../cut-n-paste-code/libegg/eggsmclient.c:256
Show session management options
(no translation yet)
Located in ../cut-n-paste-code/libegg/eggsmclient.c:257
Archive Mounter
(no translation yet)
Located in debian/
Width of border around the label and image in the alert dialog
(no translation yet)
Located in ../eel/eel-alert-dialog.c:110
The alignment of the lines in the text of the label relative to each other. This does NOT affect the alignment of the label within its allocation. See GtkMisc::xalign for that.
(no translation yet)
Located in ../eel/eel-editable-label.c:320
Line wrap
(no translation yet)
Located in ../eel/eel-editable-label.c:328
If set, wrap lines if the text becomes too wide.
(no translation yet)
Located in ../eel/eel-editable-label.c:329
Selection Bound
(no translation yet)
Located in ../eel/eel-editable-label.c:346
The position of the opposite end of the selection from the cursor in chars.
(no translation yet)
Located in ../eel/eel-editable-label.c:347
A string specifying how parts of overlong file names should be replaced by ellipses, depending on the zoom level. Each of the list entries is of the form "Zoom Level:Integer". For each specified zoom level, if the given integer is larger than 0, the file name will not exceed the given number of lines. If the integer is 0 or smaller, no limit is imposed on the specified zoom level. A default entry of the form "Integer" without any specified zoom level is also allowed. It defines the maximum number of lines for all other zoom levels. Examples: 0 - always display overlong file names; 3 - shorten file names if they exceed three lines; smallest:5,smaller:4,0 - shorten file names if they exceed five lines for zoom level "smallest". Shorten file names if they exceed four lines for zoom level "smaller". Do not shorten file names for other zoom levels. Available zoom levels: smallest (33%), smaller (50%), small (66%), standard (100%), large (150%), larger (200%), largest (400%)
(no translation yet)
Located in ../libnautilus-private/
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