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Move ultra-quickly to trap the two enemies and run over them. If you wait till they are almost touching you, they may both survive, then you can run up and around to the bottom right, descend the ladder to the concrete and trap them permanently in the nearby pit.

If one gets stuck in the tower structure, use the same trick. There are false bricks in the bottom of the tower. If one is trapped and still has some gold, dig one hole at the right hand end of the pit, go back down the ladder and lead the enemy to his death, whereupon the gold will be destroyed.
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Translated by grissiom
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:103
Head Case
Translated by grissiom
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:108
This is a warmup for a later level. To get the gold at the right, descend onto the enemy's head, release him to the left, move left after him and, as you ride down on his head, dig right. You can then run in, get the gold and exit before the brick closes.

If you move to the bottom right corner, you can get the enemy to fall into the hole containing gold.
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Translated by grissiom
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:109
Under the Stairs
Translated by grissiom
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:114
Start by killing the enemies. When they fall into the space at the right, move down and to the left to get them to drop further in and stop them getting the gold. If they go more than one third of the way in, they will be permanently trapped.

Now tackle the three dig-and-run puzzles. You may have to make several trips to empty an area. Finally, collect the rightmost nugget.
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Translated by Lie Ex
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:115
Bertie Beetle
Translated by Lie Ex
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:120
The top of this one is similar to the Head Case level (13). Trap the enemy to the right near the top of the ladder. Run down the ladder part way and get him to fall into the first of the pits. You will need to repeat this a few times.

Now you must get the enemy into the pit at the far bottom left, so that you can run over him as you get the gold from inside the beetle.

Trap the enemy at the end of the row of bricks under the beetle's antennae. Stand on his head, dig right and drop down. Step right, dig left and trap him again as he runs in after you.

Run down to the left, dig the brick to the right of the pit and trap him again. Collect the nugget, dig left and escape left onto the concrete. As the enemy climbs out he will fall into the pit.
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Translated by grissiom
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:121
Short Circuit
Translated by Lie Ex
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:131
Go anti-clockwise around the circuit and take an enemy with you, trapping him in the pits at bottom left, lower right and upper right. Then you can run across the concrete and collect the gold up there.

Next, clear out all of the left side except for one nugget above a ladder. To get this one, release the second enemy and take him all the way around the circuit. Follow him up the long ladder, staying on it till he runs over to the left and falls. Now go to the left end of the concrete as he circulates around the left side of the play area. As he falls past your feet, run over to the small ladder and get the gold.

To get past the lower left pit, stand on the enemy and dig left. When you fall, dig right and escape, but stay low until the bricks close, then you can use the short ladder to lead the enemy up, across, down and out.

To operate the lower right pit, go and get the gold in the centre of the circuit, then dig each side of the short ladder there. Fall to the left as the enemy is caught on the right. When the enemy emerges, he will go right and drop into the pit. Stand on his head and dig left to release him.

You can push the enemy up the right hand ladder and to the left by standing a little way from the bottom of the ladder. You will need careful timing and digging to get him into the top right pit. Once there, you can run over him. If he still has gold, stand to the left of the pit and dig repeatedly until he drops the gold somewhere on his rounds.
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Translated by Lie Ex
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:132
Synchronised Running
Translated by grissiom
Located in gamedata/game_wad.txt:143
324333 of 659 results

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