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- In the 'Boards' section you can change the list of activities. Just untoggle them in the treeview. You can change the language used for reading, for example, then the language used for saying the names of colors.
- You can save multiple configurations, and switch between them easily. In the 'Profile' section add a profile, then in the 'Board' section select the profile in the combobox, then select the boards you want to be active. You can add multiple profiles, with different lists of boards, and different languages. You set the default profile in the 'Profile' section, by choosing the profile you want, then clicking on the 'Default' button. You can also choose a profile from the command line.
- You can add users, classes and for each class, you can create groups of users. Note that you can import users from a comma-separated file. Assign one or more groups to a profile, after which those new logins will appear after restarting GCompris. Being able to identify individual children in GCompris means we can provide individual reports. It also recognizes the children as individuals; they can learn to type in and recognize their own usernames (login is configurable).
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- 在 “游乐园” 中你可以修改游戏列表,只需在树状视图中选择即可。你可以改变朗读的语言,例如使用语音读出颜色的名称。
- 你可以保存多个配置,并且可轻松地在它们之间切换。在“配置文件”中添加一个配置文件,然后在“游乐园”的组合框中选择该配置,然后选择要在该配置中激活的游戏。你可以添加多个包含不同游戏和不同语言的配置文件。在“配置文件”中设置缺省的配置文件,首先选择所需的配置文件,然后点击“默认缺省”按钮。你也可以通过命令行方式加载配置文件。
- 你可以添加用户,班级并且你可以为每个班级创建用户分组。注意,你可以从多个用逗号分隔的文件中导入用户。安排一个或多个分组到一个配置文件中,重新启动GCompris后将出现新的登录者。通过在GCompris中辨识每个个体的孩子,意味着我们能够提供个性化的报告。这也可以使我们通过孩子的不同个性认识他们,同时让孩子能够学习输入和认识自己的用户名。
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/administration-activity/
GCompris Administration Menu
GCompris 管理菜单
Translated and reviewed by Tao Wei on 2008-03-04
In upstream:
Suggested by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/administration-activity/
If you want to fine tune GCompris to your needs, you can use the administration module here. The ultimate goal is to provide child-specific reporting for parents and teacher who want to monitor the progress, strengths and needs of their children.
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/administration-activity/
Left-Click with the mouse to select an activity
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/administration-activity/
Advanced colors
Translated and reviewed by Funda Wang on 2006-05-09
Located in ../src/advanced_colors-activity/
Can read
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/advanced_colors-activity/ ../src/read_colors-activity/
Click on the correct color
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/advanced_colors-activity/
Click on the correct colored box.
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/advanced_colors-activity/
Learn to recognize unusual colors.
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/advanced_colors-activity/
Translated by supy on 2008-01-15
Located in ../src/advanced_colors-activity/resources/advanced_colors/
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