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You will require administrative access to install and remove software. This is because packages sometimes need to change important system files. See the <link linkend="administrative"><application>Administrative Tasks</application></link> section for more information on administrative access.
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Common package-management terms
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If you are unfamiliar with Xubuntu's package management system, you may like to take a look at some of the following definitions.
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<emphasis role="strong">Packages</emphasis> are files which contain a program and all of the files required to run it on your computer. When you install a package, a file is downloaded from a repository and installed by a package manager.
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<emphasis role="strong">Dependencies</emphasis> are packages which must be installed before certain other packages can be installed. Dependency packages usually contain some files and programs needed by the other packages - for example, a word-processing package may depend on a printing package being installed in order to be able to print documents.
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Software repositories
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When you install software on Xubuntu, the package manager automatically downloads the required software packages from a <emphasis>software repository</emphasis>, a location on the Internet which stores collections of packages ready to be downloaded.
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There are thousands of programs available to install on Xubuntu. These programs are stored in software repositories and are made freely available for all Xubuntu users. This makes it very easy to install new programs, and it is also very secure because each program you install is built specially for Xubuntu and checked before it is allowed into the repositories.
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To organise the software, Xubuntu repositories are categorised into four groups: <emphasis>Main</emphasis>, <emphasis>Restricted</emphasis>, <emphasis>Universe</emphasis>, and <emphasis>Multiverse</emphasis>. The rationale used to determine which software goes into which category is based on the level of support that software development teams provide for a program and the level of compliance the program has to the <ulink url="">Free Software Philosophy</ulink>.
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The standard Xubuntu Install CD contains some software from the <emphasis>Main</emphasis> and <emphasis>Restricted</emphasis> categories.
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