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We also assume that you know how to use a text based text editor such as nano or vi. If you have not used any of them before, you can get an overview of the various text editors available by reading the <ulink url="">PowerUsersTextEditors</ulink> page. This tutorial has been done on KVM, but the general principle should remain on other virtualization technologies.
我们同样设定您知道怎样使用基于文本格式文本编辑器,例如nano或者vi。如果您之前没有使用过其中任何一个,可以通过阅读<ulink url="">PowerUsersTextEditors</ulink>页面来获得对各种文本编辑器的大致了解。这指南是针对 KVM 完成的,但一般原则应该对其他的虚拟化技术做保留。
Translated and reviewed by sdxianchao on 2009-07-15
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:513(para)
Install vmbuilder
安装l vmbuilder
Translated and reviewed by Tao Wei on 2009-01-08
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:521(title)
The name of the package that we need to install is <application>python-vm-builder</application>. In a terminal prompt enter:
Translated and reviewed by Constine on 2009-02-24
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:523(para)
sudo apt-get install python-vm-builder
sudo apt-get install python-vm-builder
Translated and reviewed by Tao Wei on 2009-01-08
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:528(command)
If you are running Hardy, you can still perform most of this using the older version of the package named <application>ubuntu-vm-builder</application>, there are only a few changes to the syntax of the tool.
如果您在运行 Hardy,你仍可以执行大多数使用的是旧版本且命名为<application>ubuntu-vm-builder</application>的老版本,只有少数语法变化的工具。
Translated and reviewed by Constine on 2009-02-24
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:532(para)
Defining Your Virtual Machine
Translated and reviewed by Constine on 2009-02-24
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:541(title)
Defining a virtual machine with Ubuntu's vmbuilder is quite simple, but here are a few thing to consider:
定义 Ubuntu 的 vmbuilder 虚拟机非常简单,但这里有几点是要考虑的:
Translated and reviewed by Constine on 2009-02-24
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:543(para)
If you plan on shipping a virtual appliance, do not assume that the end-user will know how to extend disk size to fit their need, so either plan for a large virtual disk to allow for your appliance to grow, or explain fairly well in your documentation how to allocate more space. It might actually be a good idea to store data on some separate external storage.
Translated by 4b3tt0r on 2009-06-23
Reviewed by sdxianchao on 2009-07-15
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:549(para)
Given that RAM is much easier to allocate in a VM, RAM size should be set to whatever you think is a safe minimum for your appliance.
Translated and reviewed by Constine on 2009-03-16
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:556(para)
The <application>vmbuilder</application> command has 2 main parameters: the <emphasis>virtualization technology (hypervisor)</emphasis> and the targeted <emphasis>distribution</emphasis>. Optional parameters are quite numerous and can be found using the following command:
<application>vmbuilder</application>命令有 2 个主要参数:<emphasis>虚拟化技术(hypervisor)</emphasis>和<emphasis>发布</emphasis>目标。可选参数可是相当多的,可使用以下命令:
Translated and reviewed by Constine on 2009-03-05
Located in serverguide/C/virtualization.xml:562(para)
598607 of 3157 results

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