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What is Linux?
Translated and reviewed by Mitsuya Shibata on 2009-04-04
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The <ulink url="">Linux kernel</ulink> is the heart of the Ubuntu operating system. A kernel is an important part of any operating system, providing the communication bridge between hardware and software.
<ulink url="">Linuxカーネル</ulink>は、Ubuntuの心臓とも言うべき存在です。カーネルは、全てのオペレーティングシステムにとって、ハードウェアとソフトウェアの橋渡しを行う重要な部位です。
Translated and reviewed by Mitsuya Shibata on 2009-04-04
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:264(para)
Linux was brought to life in 1991 by a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds. At the time, it would run only on i386 systems, and was essentially an independently-created clone of the UNIX kernel, intended to take advantage of the then-new i386 architecture.
Linuxは、1991年にフィンランドの学生であったLinus Torvaldsによって生み出されました。その当時はi386システムでのみ動作する、独自に開発したUNIXカーネルのクローンでしたが、当時新しかったi386アーキテクチャを活用する目的もありました。
Translated and reviewed by Mitsuya Shibata on 2009-04-04
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:269(para)
Nowadays, thanks to a substantial amount of development effort by people all around the world, Linux runs on virtually every modern computer architecture.
Translated and reviewed by Mitsuya Shibata on 2009-04-04
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:275(para)
The Linux kernel has gained an ideological importance as well as a technical one. There is an entire community of people who believe in the ideals of free software and spend their time helping to make open source technology as good as it can be.
Translated and reviewed by Kanetaka Suto on 2007-02-09
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:279(para)
People in this community gave rise to initiatives such as Ubuntu, standards committees that shape the development of the Internet, organizations like the Mozilla Foundation, responsible for creating Mozilla Firefox, and countless other software projects from which you've almost certainly benefited in the past.
このコミュニティの人々はさまざまな活動を主導しました。例えばUbuntuや、インターネットの発展を担う標準化団体、Mozilla Firefoxの開発を進めるMozilla Foundationなどの組織など、これまであなたが実際に恩恵を受けてきたほとんど全てのソフトウェアプロジェクトです。
Translated and reviewed by Hiroshi Tagawa on 2010-08-21
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:284(para)
The spirit of open source, commonly attributed to Linux, is influencing software developers and users everywhere to drive communities with common goals.
Translated and reviewed by Kentaro Kazuhama on 2010-04-13
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:290(para)
What is GNU?
Translated and reviewed by Masaki Komagata on 2006-05-15
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:296(title)
The <emphasis>GNU Project</emphasis> was launched in January 1984 by Richard Stallman, to develop a complete UNIX-style operating system which is comprised of free software: the GNU system. Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the Linux kernel, are now widely used.
<emphasis>GNUプロジェクト</emphasis>は1984年にRichard Stallmanによって、フリーソフトウェアからなる完成されたUNIX形式のオペレーティングシステム(GNUシステム)の開発を目的として開始されました。GNUオペレーティングシステムの一種として、 Linuxカーネルを用いたものが今では広く使われています。
Translated and reviewed by Shushi Kurose on 2010-08-21
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:297(para)
The GNU project is closely linked to the philosophy of free software, which is central to the projects that derive from it, such as Ubuntu. The concept of free software is explained at <xref linkend="free-software"/>.
GNUプロジェクトと密接に結びついたフリーソフトウェアの哲学は、Ubuntuなどの派生したプロジェクトの中心をなしています。フリーソフトウェアの概念は<xref linkend="free-software"/>で説明されています。
Translated and reviewed by Kanetaka Suto on 2007-02-09
Located in about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml:303(para)
6170 of 71 results

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