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Text Editing
Translated and reviewed by 3str on 2007-03-26
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:727(title)
All of the configurations and settings in Linux are saved in text files. Even though you most often can edit configurations through the graphical interface, you may occasionally have to edit them by hand. <application>Kate</application> is the default Kubuntu text editor, which can be launched by going to <menuchoice><guimenu>Application Launcher</guimenu><guisubmenu>Utilities</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>Advanced Text Editor (Kate)</guimenuitem></menuchoice>.
Linux中的所有配置和设置保存在文本文件中. 尽管您通常可以通过图形界面编辑配置,但偶尔您不得不手工编辑它们.<application>Kate</application>是 Kubuntu 默认的文本编辑器,可以通过选择 <menuchoice><guimenu> 应用程序启动器</guimenu><guisubmenu>工具</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>高级文本编辑器(Kate)</guimenuitem></menuchoice>来启动它.
Translated and reviewed by Wylmer Wang on 2009-05-06
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:729(para)
At times in this guide, <application>Kate</application> is run from the command line using <application>kdesu</application>, as most configuration files require root privileges to alter them. It is recommended that you also run <application>kdesu</application> from the command line when shown in this guide.
Translated and reviewed by 3str on 2007-03-26
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:737(para)
If you need to use a text editor from the command line, you can use <application>nano</application>, which is a simple to use text editor. When running it from the command line, always use the following command, which ensures that the editor will not introduce line breaks:<screen>nano -w</screen>
如果需要在命令行中使用文本编辑器,那么您可以使用 <application>nano</application> 这个易用的文本编辑器。如果要在命令行中运行 nano,请务必使用如下命令以确保编辑器不会插入断行符:<screen>nano -w</screen>。
Translated and reviewed by Hunt Xu on 2009-07-03
In upstream:
如果需要在命令行中使用文本编辑器,那么您可以使用 <application>nano</application> 这个用法简单的文本编辑器。如果要在命令行中运行 nano,请务必使用如下命令以确保编辑器不会插入断行符:<screen>nano -w</screen>。
Suggested by 3str on 2007-03-26
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:744(para)
For more information about how to use <application>nano</application>, refer to the <ulink url="">guide on the wiki</ulink>.
如果您需要进一步了解<application>nano</application>,请参阅<ulink url="">wiki指导</ulink>
Translated by 3str on 2007-03-26
Reviewed by Hunt Xu on 2009-07-03
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:751(para)
There are also quite a few other terminal-based editors available in Kubuntu, popular ones include <application>VIM</application> and <application>Emacs</application> (the pros and cons of each are cause for much friendly debate within the Linux community). These are often more complex to use than <application>nano</application>, but are also more powerful.
Kubuntu 中也有相当多的其它基于终端的编辑器,流行的有 <application>VIM</application> 和 <application>Emacs</application> (在Linux社区各自的支持者和反对者之间引起了很多友好的争论)。他们通常使用起来比<application>nano</application>更为复杂,但也更加强大。
Translated and reviewed by Hunt Xu on 2009-07-03
In upstream:
Suggested by 3str on 2007-03-26
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:756(para)
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Translated by lhquark on 2009-04-17
Located in basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml:0(None)
141147 of 147 results

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