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Minimal &bitrate:
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:493
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_vbr_min_br)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:186
This selects the minimal bitrate used for encoding.
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:496
i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_vbr_min_br)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:189
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:598
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, TextLabel4_2)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:237
The higher the bitrate, the better the quality and the larger the file.
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:614
i18n: ectx: property (whatsThis), widget (QComboBox, kcfg_cbr_bitrate)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:240
Filter Settings
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:694
i18n: ectx: property (title), widget (QGroupBox, GroupBox83_2)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:285
Apply &lowpass filter above
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:709
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_enable_lowpass)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:288
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:719
i18n: ectx: property (suffix), widget (KIntSpinBox, kcfg_lowfilterfreq)
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:739
i18n: ectx: property (suffix), widget (KIntSpinBox, kcfg_highfilterfreq)
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:762
i18n: ectx: property (suffix), widget (KIntSpinBox, kcfg_lowfilterwidth)
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:785
i18n: ectx: property (suffix), widget (KIntSpinBox, kcfg_highfilterwidth)
There are leading/trailing spaces here. Each one represents a space character. Enter a space in the equivalent position in the translation.
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:291 rc.cpp:297 rc.cpp:303 rc.cpp:309
Apply &highpass filter below
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:729
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_enable_highpass)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:294
Low&pass filter width
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:752
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_set_lpf_width)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:300
Highpa&ss filter width
i18n: file: encoderlameconfig.ui:775
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_set_hpf_width)
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:306
7180 of 80 results

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