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Essential package %s is missing. There may be problems with apt sources.list or Packages files may be missing?
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Logging to syslog cannot be set up.
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Running application, with:
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%prog [options] find
%prog [options] cleanup [CRUFT]...
%prog [options] ignore [CRUFT]...
%prog [options] unignore [CRUFT]...

%prog finds and removes cruft from your system.

Cruft is anything that shouldn't be on the system, but is. Stretching
the definition, it is also things that should be on the system, but
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Located in ../computerjanitorapp/
Make the 'cleanup' command remove all packages, if none are given on the command line.
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Store state of each piece of cruft in FILE. (Default is %default).
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Don't actually remove anything, just pretend to do so. This is useful for testing stuff.
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Verbose operation: make find show an explanation for each piece of cruft found.
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Located in ../computerjanitorapp/
Unknown command: %s
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Unknown cruft: %s
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110 of 48 results

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