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Usage: apt-cache [options] command
apt-cache [options] add file1 [file2 ...]
apt-cache [options] showpkg pkg1 [pkg2 ...]
apt-cache [options] showsrc pkg1 [pkg2 ...]

apt-cache is a low-level tool used to manipulate APT's binary
cache files, and query information from them

add - Add a package file to the source cache
gencaches - Build both the package and source cache
showpkg - Show some general information for a single package
showsrc - Show source records
stats - Show some basic statistics
dump - Show the entire file in a terse form
dumpavail - Print an available file to stdout
unmet - Show unmet dependencies
search - Search the package list for a regex pattern
show - Show a readable record for the package
depends - Show raw dependency information for a package
rdepends - Show reverse dependency information for a package
pkgnames - List the names of all packages in the system
dotty - Generate package graphs for GraphViz
xvcg - Generate package graphs for xvcg
policy - Show policy settings

-h This help text.
-p=? The package cache.
-s=? The source cache.
-q Disable progress indicator.
-i Show only important deps for the unmet command.
-c=? Read this configuration file
-o=? Set an arbitrary configuration option, eg -o dir::cache=/tmp
See the apt-cache(8) and apt.conf(5) manual pages for more information.
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36 of 563 results

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