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To navigate up one directory level, type: <screen>cd ..</screen>
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To navigate to the previous directory (or back), type: <screen>cd -</screen>
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To navigate through multiple levels of directory at once, specify the full directory path that you want to go to. For example, type: <screen>cd /var/www</screen> to go directly to the <filename class="directory">/www</filename> subdirectory of <filename class="directory">/var/</filename>. As another example, type: <screen>cd ~/Desktop</screen> to move you to the <filename class="directory">Desktop</filename> subdirectory inside your home directory.
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The <acronym>pwd</acronym> command will allow you to know in which directory you're located (<acronym>pwd</acronym> stands for "print working directory"). For example, typing <screen>pwd</screen> in the <filename class="directory">Desktop</filename> directory, will show <computeroutput>~/Desktop</computeroutput>. <placeholder-1/>
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Located in basic-commands/C/basic-commands.xml:176(title)
The <command>ls</command> command will allow you to see the files in the directory you are in (<acronym>ls</acronym> stands simply for "list"). Used with certain options, you can see sizes of files, when files where made, and permissions of files. For example, typing <screen>ls ~</screen> will show you the files that are in your home directory. Examples:
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To list information in a long format, type: <screen>ls -l</screen>. This will include information about permissions, owner, and last modification time.
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To list one time per line, type: <screen>ls -1</screen>
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The <command>cp</command> command will make a copy of a file for you (<acronym>cp</acronym> stands simply for "copy"). For example, type: <screen>cp file foo</screen> to make a exact copy of <filename>file</filename> and name it <filename>foo</filename>, but the file <filename>file</filename> will still be there.
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Located in basic-commands/C/basic-commands.xml:214(para)
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