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Install/uninstall <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> files
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:135(title)
These files are <emphasis>Debian packages</emphasis>. The package files associated with Ubuntu have the <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> suffix because of Xubuntu's close relations with the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. You will need administrative privileges to install a <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> file. See <link linkend="root-and-sudo">Administrative Tasks</link> for more details.
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:136(para)
To install a <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> file, double-click on it. If you prefer using the Terminal, enter: <screen>sudo dpkg -i package_file.deb</screen>
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:138(para)
To uninstall a <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> file, deselect it in your package manager. Or from a Terminal, enter: <screen>sudo dpkg -r package_name</screen>
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:141(para)
Convert <emphasis>.rpm</emphasis> files to <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> files
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:146(title)
Another type of package files is <emphasis>Red Hat Package Manager</emphasis> files which have the <emphasis>.rpm</emphasis> suffix. It is not recommended to install these on an Ubuntu system. In almost all cases, a native Xubuntu <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> package is available. However, if absolutely necessary, an <emphasis>.rpm</emphasis> file can be converted to a <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> package using the program <application>alien</application>. The resulting <emphasis>.deb</emphasis> file will be installed using dpkg as indicated above.
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:147(para)
Install the <application>alien</application> package.
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:151(para)
In a Terminal, enter: <screen>sudo alien <emphasis>package_file.rpm</emphasis></screen>
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:154(para)
Install <emphasis>tarballs</emphasis>
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:162(title)
Files with the <emphasis>.tar</emphasis>, <emphasis>.tgz</emphasis>, <emphasis>.tar.gz</emphasis> or <emphasis>.tar.bz2</emphasis> suffix are package files known as <emphasis>tarballs</emphasis> which are widely used in Linux and Unix.
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:163(para)
6170 of 76 results

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