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16 bits color depth
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:145
<p>If enabled, all RAW files will be decoded in 16-bit color depth using a linear gamma curve. To prevent dark picture rendering in the editor, it is recommended to use Color Management in this mode.<p>If disabled, all RAW files will be decoded in 8-bit color depth with a BT.709 gamma curve and a 99th-percentile white point. This mode is faster than 16-bit decoding.
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:146
Interpolate RGB as four colors
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:167
<p><b>Interpolate RGB as four colors</b><p>The default is to assume that all green pixels are the same. If even-row green pixels are more sensitive to ultraviolet light than odd-row this difference causes a mesh pattern in the output; using this option solves this problem with minimal loss of detail.<p>To resume, this option blurs the image a little, but it eliminates false 2x2 mesh patterns with VNG quality method or mazes with AHD quality method.
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:168
dcraw %1
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:183
Visit dcraw project website
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:186
White Balance:
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:191
Default D65 White Balance
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:193
Camera White Balance
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:194
Automatic White Balance
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Located in libkdcraw/dcrawsettingswidget.cpp:195
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