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Networking in Kubuntu has gotten much easier for everyone. The days of configuring your settings via the command line are almost gone completely. A majority of users will never have to use the command line when configuring their network settings in order to share files between PCs or to gain access to the Internet. There are those select few who might be utilizing hardware that is not Linux certified as of yet. For those, there might be the possibility of making changes via the command line.
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Some users will want to do more than surf the Internet or read Email such as sharing files between a Windows PC or a Mac. Setting up Kubuntu on a Windows network is a very simple task and at most will only require very minor command line usage.
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No matter the connection you are using, the network settings will usually be configured the same. Most users are probably familiar with Windows networking and seeing terms such as <acronym>IP</acronym> address, gateway address, netmask address, and <acronym>DNS</acronym> addresses. They are still the same in Kubuntu however there are two extra settings that are common with Linux systems, network address and broadcast address however these extra settings are not necessary for basic home networking and connecting to the Internet.
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<acronym>DNS</acronym> (Domain Name System) translates domain names as well as computer hostnames to <acronym>IP</acronym> addresses. This is the system that will translate into the websites actual <acronym>IP</acronym> address.
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The host name is the physical, unique name of your computer. A valid hostname consists of <acronym>ASCII</acronym> letters "a" through "z", digits "0" through "9", and the hyphen (-). It can consist of any combination of the previous allowed characters.
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Establishing a connection depends on various things. Are you connecting directly to the Internet utilizing a modem whether it be a <acronym>DSL</acronym> modem or a dial-up modem? Do you have broadband access and have a router or a system providing Internet sharing? Are you using Ethernet or wireless network connection? <acronym>DHCP</acronym> or static? These are just a few of the variables that need to be researched and understood prior to moving on and possibly causing more problems now or later on.
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<acronym>DHCP</acronym> (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a networking protocol that allows your system to obtain an <acronym>IP</acronym> (Internet Protocol) address, gateway address, netmask, as well as <acronym>DNS</acronym> (Domain Name System) addresses. Using DHCP is setup by default for each network interface installed into the system. This makes connecting easier and seamless in most situations. Please <xref linkend="network-connect-settings"/>.
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If you are planning on using <application>KNetworkManager</application> it is advised that you <emphasis role="bold">DO NOT</emphasis> edit <filename>/etc/network/interfaces</filename> unless it is necessary to get your network connection working. If you do manually edit your <filename>/etc/network/interfaces</filename> then <application>KNetworkManager</application> will not work.
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When asked if you want the <option>noauth</option> and the <option>defaultroute</option> options and want to remove the <option>nodetach</option> option, choose <emphasis role="bold">Yes</emphasis>.
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More information can be found on the <application>KNetworkManager</application> website located at <ulink url=""/>.
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