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Select <menuchoice><guimenu>Adept</guimenu><guimenuitem>Manage Repositories</guimenuitem></menuchoice> in the <application>Adept</application> package manager window.
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To add an extra repository, insert the repository information in the <guilabel>New Repository:</guilabel> text box like <screen>deb
http://repository_location feisty main</screen> and then press the <guibutton>Add</guibutton> button. To finalize your additions press the <guibutton>Apply</guibutton> button and then the <guibutton>Close</guibutton> button.
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To remove a repository, select the repository you want to remove and then press the <guibutton>Reset</guibutton> button. Once complete go ahead and press the <guibutton>Close</guibutton> button.
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Sometimes the Kubuntu developers release feature and security updates for applications and packages within the Kubuntu system.
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When these updates are available, Kubuntu will inform you with a red warning icon in the system tray. To update your system, click the red button, enter your password and click <guibutton>Fetch List of Updates</guibutton>.
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:442(para)
The <application>Adept Updater</application> program will list the available updates: to download and install these updates click <guibutton>Apply Updates</guibutton>. Kubuntu will then download and install the available updates from the Internet.
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Located in add-applications/C/add-applications.xml:450(para)
When <application>Adept Updater</application> has finished updating your system, close the pop-up window by clicking the <guibutton>Quit</guibutton> button.
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After installing some important updates, it may be necessary to restart your computer. If so, Kubuntu will inform you with a pop up and an icon in your system tray.
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