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The neutron is a subatomic particle with a mass of m[sub]e[/sub]=(1.6749286 ± 0.0000010) 10[sup]-27[/sup] kg which occurs in the nucleus of an atom.
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:233
中子是一种亚原子颗粒,质量为m[sub]e[/sub]=(1.6749286 ± 0.0000010) 10[sup]-27[/sup] kg ,它存在于原子核中。
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Cathode Rays
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:241
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Cathode rays are streams of electrons observed in vacuum tubes, i.e. evacuated glass tubes that are equipped with at least two electrodes, a cathode (negative electrode) and an anode (positive electrode) in a configuration known as a diode.
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:242
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Ionic Radius
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:248
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:262
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:271
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:279
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The Ionic Radius is the radius of a charged atom, a so called ion. The ion can have a positive or a negative charge. The charge of the ion which radius you see is also displayed in Kalzium. A positive ion has less electrons in its shell then the atom, a negative ion has more electrons. Therefore, a postive ion has a smaller radius than its atom and vice versa.
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:249
Translated by yuanjiayj
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Located in rc.cpp:1235
Van der Waals Radius
i18n: file: src/settings_gradients.ui:67
i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, kcfg_LogarithmicVanDerWaalsRadiusGradient)
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:253
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:257
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:270
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:280
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Located in rc.cpp:323 rc.cpp:2443 rc.cpp:2445 rc.cpp:2461 rc.cpp:2473 src/exportdialog.cpp:132
The van der Waals radius of an atom is the radius of an imaginary hard sphere which can be used to model the atom for many purposes. Van der Waals radii are determined from measurements of atomic spacing between pairs of unbonded atoms in crystals.
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:258
Translated by yuanjiayj
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Located in rc.cpp:2447
The atomic radius is the distance from the atomic nucleus to the outmost stable electron orbital in a atom that is at equilibrium.
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:267
Translated by yuanjiayj
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Located in rc.cpp:2457
Covalent radius in chemistry corresponds to half of the distance between two identical atomic nuclei, bound by a covalent bond.
i18n: file: data/knowledge.xml:276
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Located in rc.cpp:1265
i18n: file: data/tools.xml:5
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Located in rc.cpp:2475
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