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The number of times to blink a taskbar button when a window asks for attention. Setting this to 1000 or greater causes the button to blink forever.
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 125
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:97
Draw taskbar entries "flat" and not as a button
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 130
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:100
Draw taskbar text with a halo around it
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 135
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:106
Turning this option on will cause the taskbar to draw fancier text that has an outline around it. While this is useful for transparent panels or particularly dark panel backgrounds, it is slower.
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 136
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:109
Show a visible button frame on the task the cursor is positioned over
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 140
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:112
Show thumbnails instead of icons in the mouse-over effects
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 144
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:115
Enabling this option will draw a thumbnail of the window in its mouse-over effect.<p>If a window is minimized or resides on a different desktop while the taskbar is starting, an icon is shown until the window is restored or the appropriate desktop is activated, respectively.</p>
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 145
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:118
Maximum width/height of the thumbnail in pixels
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 149
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:121
A thumbnail is created by resizing the window. The scaling factor is determined by its largest dimension and this value. In doing so, the thumbnail's size will not exceed this value in any dimension.
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 150
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:124
Use custom colors for taskbar buttons text and background
i18n: file taskbar.kcfg line 154
(no translation yet)
Located in rc.cpp:127
110 of 18 results

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