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<h1>Colors</h1> This module allows you to choose the color scheme used for the KDE desktop. The different elements of the desktop, such as title bars, menu text, etc., are called "widgets". You can choose the widget whose color you want to change by selecting it from a list, or by clicking on a graphical representation of the desktop.<p> You can save color settings as complete color schemes, which can also be modified or deleted. KDE comes with several predefined color schemes on which you can base your own.<p> All KDE applications will obey the selected color scheme. Non-KDE applications may also obey some or all of the color settings, if this option is enabled.
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Located in colorscm.cpp:100
This is a preview of the color settings which will be applied if you click "Apply" or "OK". You can click on different parts of this preview image. The widget name in the "Widget color" box will change to reflect the part of the preview image you clicked.
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Located in colorscm.cpp:133
Color Scheme
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Located in colorscm.cpp:145
This is a list of predefined color schemes, including any that you may have created. You can preview an existing color scheme by selecting it from the list. The current scheme will be replaced by the selected color scheme.<p> Warning: if you have not yet applied any changes you may have made to the current scheme, those changes will be lost if you select another color scheme.
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Located in colorscm.cpp:154
&Save Scheme...
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Located in colorscm.cpp:162
Press this button if you want to save the current color settings as a color scheme. You will be prompted for a name.
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Located in colorscm.cpp:165
R&emove Scheme
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Located in colorscm.cpp:169
Press this button to remove the selected color scheme. Note that this button is disabled if you do not have permission to delete the color scheme.
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Located in colorscm.cpp:173
I&mport Scheme...
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Located in colorscm.cpp:177
Press this button to import a new color scheme. Note that the color scheme will only be available for the current user.
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Located in colorscm.cpp:180
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