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<p><b>External program <em>normalize-audio</em> is not installed.</b><p>K3b uses <em>normalize-audio</em> ( to normalize audio tracks. In order to use this functionality, please install it first. (sudo apt-get install normalize-audio)
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<p><b>External program <em>normalize-audio</em> is not installed.</b><p>K3b uses <em>normalize-audio</em> ( to normalize audio tracks. In order to use this functionality, please install it first (sudo apt-get install normalize-audio.
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Non-compliant compatibility mode for broken devices
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Chinese VCD3.0 track interpretation
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Specify album set sequence number ( <= volume-count )
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<p>This is the most basic <b>Video CD</b> specification dating back to 1993, which has the following characteristics:<ul><li>One mode2 mixed form ISO-9660 track containing file pointers to the information areas.</li><li>Up to 98 multiplex-ed MPEG-1 audio/video streams or CD-DA audio tracks.</li><li>Up to 500 MPEG sequence entry points used as chapter divisions.</li></ul><p>The Video CD specification requires the multiplex-ed MPEG-1 stream to have a CBR of less than 174300 bytes (1394400 bits) per second in order to accommodate single speed CD-ROM drives.<br>The specification allows for the following two resolutions:<ul><li>352 x 240 @ 29.97 Hz (NTSC SIF).</li><li>352 x 240 @ 23.976 Hz (FILM SIF).</li></ul><p>The CBR MPEG-1, layer II audio stream is fixed at 224 kbps with 1 stereo or 2 mono channels.<p><b>It is recommended to keep the video bit-rate under 1151929.1 bps.</b>
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<p>About two years after the Video CD 1.1 specification came out, an improved <b>Video CD 2.0</b> standard was published in 1995.<p>This one added the following items to the features already available in the Video CD 1.1 specification:<ul><li>Support for MPEG segment play items (<b>"SPI"</b>), consisting of still pictures, motion pictures and/or audio (only) streams was added.</li><li>Note Segment Items::.</li><li>Support for interactive playback control (<b>"PBC"</b>) was added.</li><li>Support for playing related access by providing a scan point index file was added. (<b>"/EXT/SCANDATA.DAT"</b>)</li><li>Support for closed captions.</li><li>Support for mixing NTSC and PAL content.</li></ul><p>By adding PAL support to the Video CD 1.1 specification, the following resolutions became available:<ul><li>352 x 240 @ 29.97 Hz (NTSC SIF).</li><li>352 x 240 @ 23.976 Hz (FILM SIF).</li><li>352 x 288 @ 25 Hz (PAL SIF).</li></ul><p>For segment play items the following audio encodings became available:<ul><li>Joint stereo, stereo or dual channel audio streams at 128, 192, 224 or 384 kbit/sec bit-rate.</li><li>Mono audio streams at 64, 96 or 192 kbit/sec bit-rate.</li></ul><p>Also the possibility to have audio only streams and still pictures was provided.<p><b>The bit-rate of multiplex-ed streams should be kept under 174300 bytes/sec (except for single still picture items) in order to accommodate single speed drives.</b>
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Located in projects/k3bvcdburndialog.cpp:142
<p>With the upcoming of the DVD-V media, a new VCD standard had to be published in order to be able to keep up with technology, so the Super Video CD specification was called into life 1999.<p>In the midst of 2000 a full subset of this <b>Super Video CD</b> specification was published as <b>IEC-62107</b>.<p>As the most notable change over Video CD 2.0 is a switch from MPEG-1 CBR to MPEG-2 VBR encoding for the video stream was performed.<p>The following new features--building upon the Video CD 2.0 specification--are:<ul><li>Use of MPEG-2 encoding instead of MPEG-1 for the video stream.</li><li>Allowed VBR encoding of MPEG-1 audio stream.</li><li>Higher resolutions (see below) for video stream resolution.</li><li>Up to 4 overlay graphics and text (<b>"OGT"</b>) sub-channels for user switchable subtitle displaying in addition to the already existing closed caption facility.</li><li>Command lists for controlling the SVCD virtual machine.</li></ul><p>For the <b>Super Video CD</b>, only the following two resolutions are supported for motion video and (low resolution) still pictures:<ul><li>480 x 480 @ 29.97 Hz (NTSC 2/3 D-2).</li><li>480 x 576 @ 25 Hz (PAL 2/3 D-2).</li></ul>
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Located in projects/k3bvcdburndialog.cpp:160
<p>This is actually just a minor variation defined in IEC-62107 on the Super Video CD 1.0 format for compatibility with current products in the market.<p>It differs from the Super Video CD 1.0 format in the following items:<ul><li>The system profile tag field in <b>/SVCD/INFO.SVD</b> is set to <b>1</b> instead of <b>0</b>.</li><li>The system identification field value in <b>/SVCD/INFO.SVD</b> is set to <b>HQ-VCD</b> instead of <b>SUPERVCD</b>.</li><li><b>/EXT/SCANDATA.DAT</b> is mandatory instead of being optional.</li><li><b>/SVCD/SEARCH.DAT</b> is optional instead of being mandatory.</li></ul>
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Located in projects/k3bvcdburndialog.cpp:173
<ul><li>Rename <b>"/MPEG2"</b> folder on SVCDs to (non-compliant) "/MPEGAV".</li><li>Enables the use of the (deprecated) signature <b>"ENTRYSVD"</b> instead of <b>"ENTRYVCD"</b> for the file <b>"/SVCD/ENTRY.SVD"</b>.</li></ul>
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Located in projects/k3bvcdburndialog.cpp:186
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