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The <span class="app" data-app="docs">official documentation</span> covers many of the most common areas about Ubuntu. It's available both <a href="">online</a> and via the Help icon in the Dock.
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<span class =“app”data-app =“docs”>官方文档</ span>涵盖了许多Ubuntu的常见问题, 可以通过<a href="">在线</a>和Dock中的“帮助”图标访问。
Translated and reviewed by Luke Luo
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/gethelp.html:8
At <a href="">Ask Ubuntu</a> you can ask questions and search an impressive collection of already answered questions. Support in your own language may be provided by your <a href="">Local Community Team</a>.
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您可以在 <a href="">Ask Ubuntu</a> 提问,并在大量已经回答的问题中搜索。您可以在<a href="">本地社区团队</a>找到使用您的语言的支持。
Translated and reviewed by Xhacker Liu
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/gethelp.html:12
For pointers to other useful resources, please visit <a href="">Community support</a> or <a href="">Commercial support</a>.
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其他有用的资源请访问 <a href="">社区支持</a>或<a href="">商业支持</a>。
Translated and reviewed by Aron Xu
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/gethelp.html:16
Take your music with you
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至美音乐 随时相伴
Translated by Carlos Gong
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/music.html:2
Ubuntu comes with the amazing Rhythmbox music player. With advanced playback options, it's simple to queue up the perfect songs. And it works great with CDs and portable music players, so you can enjoy all your music wherever you go.
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Ubuntu 内置令人惊叹的 Rhythmbox 音乐播放器。通过高级的播放模式选项,管理好歌曲变得十分容易。另外,它能与 CD 和便携式音乐播放器完美协作,所以您无论身处何地都可以尽情欣赏您所有的音乐。
Translated by bystander
Reviewed by 朱涛
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/music.html:7
Rhythmbox Music Player
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Rhythmbox 音乐播放器
Translated by ichaochao
Reviewed by Heling Yao
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/music.html:15
Available software
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Translated by liumin
Reviewed by Luke Luo
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/music.html:18
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Spotify 音乐播放器
Translated by liumin
Reviewed by Luke Luo
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/music.html:22
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VLC 视频播放器
Translated by zrqlx126
Reviewed by Luke Luo
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/music.html:26
Everything you need for the office
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办公所需 一应俱全
Translated by Luo Lei
Reviewed by 朱涛
Located in slideshows/oem-config-ubuntu/slides/office.html:1
1423 of 36 results

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