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%pB: unsupported relocation type exported: %#x
(no translation yet)
Located in aout-cris.c:196
%pB: unsupported relocation type imported: %#x
(no translation yet)
Located in aout-cris.c:242
%pB: bad relocation record imported: %d
(no translation yet)
Located in aout-cris.c:254
%pB: can not represent section `%pA' in a.out object file format
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:1265 aoutx.h:1613 pdp11.c:1238 pdp11.c:1512
%pB: can not represent section for symbol `%s' in a.out object file format
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:1577 pdp11.c:1484
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:1580 vms-alpha.c:8038
%pB: invalid string offset %<PRIu64> >= %<PRIu64>
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:1716 pdp11.c:1580
%pB: attempt to write out unknown reloc type
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:2412 aoutx.h:2430 pdp11.c:2060
%pB: unsupported relocation type
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:4085 pdp11.c:3441
%pB: unsupported relocation type %#x
Unknown relocation.
(no translation yet)
Located in aoutx.h:4405 coff-alpha.c:601 coff-alpha.c:1518 coff-rs6000.c:2916 coff-sh.c:504 coff-tic4x.c:184 coff-tic54x.c:279 elf-hppa.h:798 elf-hppa.h:826 elf-m10200.c:226 elf-m10300.c:813 elf32-arc.c:532 elf32-arm.c:1985 elf32-avr.c:962 elf32-bfin.c:1062 elf32-bfin.c:4687 elf32-cr16.c:654 elf32-cr16.c:684 elf32-cris.c:467 elf32-crx.c:429 elf32-csky.c:991 elf32-d10v.c:234 elf32-d30v.c:522 elf32-d30v.c:544 elf32-dlx.c:546 elf32-epiphany.c:372 elf32-fr30.c:381 elf32-frv.c:2559 elf32-frv.c:6240 elf32-ft32.c:305 elf32-h8300.c:302 elf32-i386.c:400 elf32-ip2k.c:1240 elf32-iq2000.c:442 elf32-lm32.c:496 elf32-m32c.c:305 elf32-m32r.c:1286 elf32-m32r.c:1311 elf32-m32r.c:2209 elf32-m68hc11.c:390 elf32-m68hc12.c:510 elf32-m68k.c:354 elf32-mcore.c:354 elf32-mcore.c:440 elf32-mep.c:385 elf32-metag.c:871 elf32-microblaze.c:690 elf32-microblaze.c:961 elf32-mips.c:2231 elf32-moxie.c:137 elf32-msp430.c:737 elf32-msp430.c:747 elf32-mt.c:241 elf32-nds32.c:3237 elf32-nds32.c:3263 elf32-nds32.c:5029 elf32-nios2.c:3019 elf32-or1k.c:1070 elf32-pj.c:326 elf32-ppc.c:898 elf32-ppc.c:911 elf32-pru.c:423 elf32-rl78.c:291 elf32-rx.c:313 elf32-rx.c:322 elf32-s12z.c:296 elf32-s390.c:347 elf32-score.c:2392 elf32-score7.c:2231 elf32-sh.c:437 elf32-spu.c:163 elf32-tic6x.c:1498 elf32-tic6x.c:1508 elf32-tic6x.c:1527 elf32-tic6x.c:1537 elf32-tic6x.c:2583 elf32-tilepro.c:792 elf32-v850.c:1902 elf32-v850.c:1924 elf32-v850.c:4249 elf32-vax.c:289 elf32-visium.c:481 elf32-wasm32.c:105 elf32-xc16x.c:250 elf32-xgate.c:418 elf32-xstormy16.c:395 elf32-xtensa.c:522 elf32-xtensa.c:556 elf32-z80.c:331 elf64-alpha.c:1114 elf64-alpha.c:4072 elf64-alpha.c:4220 elf64-bpf.c:325 elf64-ia64-vms.c:255 elf64-ia64-vms.c:3431 elf64-mips.c:3958 elf64-mips.c:3974 elf64-mmix.c:1264 elf64-nfp.c:238 elf64-ppc.c:1021 elf64-ppc.c:1373 elf64-ppc.c:1382 elf64-s390.c:328 elf64-s390.c:378 elf64-x86-64.c:279 elfn32-mips.c:3788 elfxx-ia64.c:324 elfxx-riscv.c:970 elfxx-sparc.c:589 elfxx-sparc.c:639 elfxx-tilegx.c:907 elfxx-tilegx.c:947 elfnn-aarch64.c:2215 elfnn-aarch64.c:2313 elfnn-ia64.c:214 elfnn-ia64.c:3820
110 of 1724 results

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