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Computer networks are often comprised of diverse systems, and while operating a network made up entirely of Ubuntu desktop and server computers would certainly be fun, some network environments must consist of both Ubuntu and <trademark class="registered">Microsoft</trademark><trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> systems working together in harmony. This section of the <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> Server Guide introduces principles and tools used in configuring your Ubuntu Server for sharing network resources with Windows computers.
计算机网络通常包含不同的系统,虽然使用全由 Ubuntu 桌面计算机和服务器计算机构成的网络是有趣的,但一些网络环境还是需要 Ubuntu 和 <trademark class="registered">Microsoft</trademark> <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> 这两个系统协同工作。<phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> 服务器版指南中的这部分内容介绍配置 Ubuntu 服务器的原理及所用工具,以便同 Windows 计算机共享网络资源。