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To install <application>Mailman</application>, run following command at a terminal prompt: <screen> <command>sudo apt-get install mailman</command> </screen> It copies the installation files in <application>/var/lib/mailman</application> directory. It installs the CGI scripts in <application>/usr/lib/cgi-bin/mailman</application> directory. It creates <emphasis>list</emphasis> linux user. It creates the <emphasis>list</emphasis> linux group. The mailman process will be owned by this user.
要安装<application>Mailman</application>,,在终端里运行下面的命令:<screen>↵ <command>sudo apt-get install mailman</command> ↵ </screen> 它拷贝<application>/var/lib/mailman</application>目录下的安装文件,运行<application>/usr/lib/cgi-bin/mailman</application>目录下的CGI安装脚本,创建<emphasis>list</emphasis>linux用户和<emphasis>list</emphasis>linux用户组。这个用户拥有mailman进程(权限)。
This chapter provides a quick overview of installing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Ubuntu Installation Guide.
这一章提供了安装Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition(服务器版)的快速入门。要想得到更详细的说明,请查看“Ubuntu安装指南”。
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition supports three (3) major architectures: Intel x86, AMD64, and PowerPC. The table below lists recommended hardware specifications. Depending on your needs, you might manage with less than this. However, most users risk being frustrated if they ignore these suggestions.
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition (服务器版)支持三种主要的体系: Intel x86, AMD64, and PowerPC。下面的表列出了推荐的特别的硬件。您可以根据需要使用比这更少的(硬件)进行管理。然而,大多数用户不应当忽略这些建议,否则自担风险。
The default profile for the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition is shown below. Once again, the size of the installation will greatly depend on the services you install during setup. For most administrators, the default services are suitable for general server use.
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server Edition (服务器版)的默认自述文档已经在下面列出了。当然,安装的大小取决于您在安装过程中安装的服务的多少。对于大多数管理员来说,默认的服务对于服务器一般的使用已经足够了。