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Uploading to REVU uses <application>dput</application>. The <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> version of <application>dput</application> already knows about REVU so you do not need to change any configuration files. Only upload signed packages, and unlike other repositories, you should always include the original tarball, otherwise reviewers will not be able to look at your extracted source package. In order to do so, use the options "-S -sa" with <application>debuild</application> or <application>dpkg-buildpackage</application> to build only the source package and to include the original source in the upload.
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After your first upload, you are registered automatically in the database and assigned a random password. On the <ulink url="">REVU</ulink> website, use the email address you used in the changelog file of your upload as the login and click the 'recover password' link. You will be taken to a page that has your encrypted password with instructions for decrypting it.
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Packages uploaded to REVU are public. You can browse them without logging in to the system. However, commenting on uploads is available only to registered users. As an uploader, you can only comment on your own uploads. This can be useful to give reviewers some info on the changes you have made between two uploads of your packages.
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The package must be known to build on top of the main component of the current <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> stable release. It is permissible to require other packages already in Universe.
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<phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> is based on the Debian Linux distribution and uses the same package management system (APT). At the beginning of each <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> development cycle, the packages in <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> are updated to those in the Debian unstable branch. However, because <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> is not the same as Debian, some of the packages need to be modified to work in <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase>. There might also be bug fixes that <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> developers have introduced into the packages. You can determine whether this has taken place by noting the package version. If the package version includes ubuntu in it (an example would be gimp-2.2.9-3ubuntu2), then the <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> developers have made changes, and it is no longer the same as the Debian package. There are more than 1000 such modified packages in the Universe repository.
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At the start of each Ubuntu development cycle, a decision is made regarding these Ubuntu versioned packages. Of course if the Debian version hasn't changed since the last <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> release, then nothing needs to be changed. However, if there is a newer version of the package in Debian, then one of two things should happen. If all of the reasons for Ubuntu modifications (bug fixes, dependencies, etc.) are fixed in the new Debian package, then we can just take the Debian package directly. This decision is called a <emphasis>sync</emphasis>. However, if the new Debian version has the same issues that caused the Ubuntu version to be made, then those changes need to be applied to the new Debian version, too. This decision is called <emphasis>merging</emphasis>.
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A very useful package to have installed when doing merges (or any Ubuntu packaging) is <application>devscripts</application>. If you do not have that already installed, install it before proceeding.
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By looking at the <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> changelog you should be able to see which differences to expect between the Ubuntu package and the Debian package from which it was derived. For xcdroast, the <phrase>Ubuntu</phrase> changelog can be found at <ulink url=""></ulink>. It says that a .desktop file was fixed and properly installed to close a bug reported in <ulink url="">Malone</ulink>.
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In debian/rules install is being used instead of cp to install the xcdroast icon. Also, there is a new line installing the .desktop file.
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In debian/dirs usr/share/applications has been added for the install lines above to work properly.
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