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Adding this repository will mean that the majority of the Free Software universe will be available to install on your system. This software is supported by a carefully selected group of volunteers within the Kubuntu Community, but is not supported by the core Kubuntu development team and may not include security updates.
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To enable the <emphasis>Multiverse</emphasis> repository, find the repository lines (two of them) with the Universe Component, and click the word "universe". Edit the entry so that it reads "universe multiverse". <mousebutton>Right</mousebutton> click the line and select <guimenuitem>Enable</guimenuitem> to enable it if it is not already enabled.
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Adding this repository will mean that software which has been classified as <emphasis>non-free</emphasis> will be available to install on your system. This software may not be permitted in some jurisdictions. When installing each package from this repository, you should verify that the laws of your country permit you to use it. Again, this software may not include security updates.
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Sometimes the Kubuntu developers release feature and security updates for applications and packages within the Kubuntu system.
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When these updates are available, Kubuntu will inform you with a red warning icon in the system tray. To update your system, click the red button, enter your password and click <guibutton>Fetch List of Updates</guibutton>.
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The <application>Adept Updater</application> program will list the available updates: to download and install these updates click <guibutton>Apply Updates</guibutton>. Kubuntu will then download and install the available updates from the Internet.
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When <application>Adept Updater</application> has finished updating your system, close the pop-up window by clicking the <guibutton>Quit</guibutton> button.
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After installing some important updates, it may be necessary to restart your computer. If so, Kubuntu will inform you with a pop up and an icon in your system tray.
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791800 of 800 results

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