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Located in kabc/addressee.cpp:702
<qt>If enabled, any occurrence of <code><b>\N</b></code>, where <code><b>N</b></code> is a integer number, will be replaced with the corresponding capture ("parenthesized substring") from the pattern.<p>To include (a literal <code><b>\N</b></code> in your replacement, put an extra backslash in front of it, like <code><b>\\N</b></code>.</qt>
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Located in kutils/kfinddialog.cpp:256
Definition of PluralForm - to be set by the translator of kdelibs.po
Dear translator, please do not translate this string in any form, but pick the _right_ value out of NoPlural/TwoForms/French... If not sure what to do mail and, they will tell you. Better leave that out if unsure, the programs will crash!!
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Located in kdecore/klocale.cpp:226
Search '%1' at %2
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Located in khtml/khtml_ext.cpp:475
Search '%1' At
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Located in khtml/khtml_ext.cpp:484
<qt><p>This list should show the types of file that your application can handle. This list is organized by <u>mimetypes</u>.</p>
<p>MIME, Multipurpose Internet (e)Mail Extension, is a standard protocol for identifying the type of data based on filename extensions and correspondent <u>mimetypes</u>. Example: the "bmp" part that comes after the dot in flower.bmp indicates that it is a specific kind of image, <u>image/x-bmp</u>. To know which application should open each type of file, the system should be informed about the abilities of each application to handle these extensions and mimetypes.</p>
<p>If you want to associate this application with one or more mimetypes that are not in this list, click on the button <b>Add</b> below. If there are one or more filetypes that this application cannot handle, you may want to remove them from the list clicking on the button <b>Remove</b> below.</p></qt>
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Located in obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:136 obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:141
Type the description of this application, based on its use, here. Examples: a dial up application (KPPP) would be "Dial up tool".
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Located in obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:148 obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:149
Type any comment you think is useful here.
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Located in obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:151 obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:152
Type the command to start this application here.

Following the command, you can have several place holders which will be replaced with the actual values when the actual program is run:
%f - a single file name
%F - a list of files; use for applications that can open several local files at once
%u - a single URL
%U - a list of URLs
%d - the directory of the file to open
%D - a list of directories
%i - the icon
%m - the mini-icon
%c - the caption
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Located in obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:154 obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:166
Click here to browse your file system in order to find the desired executable.
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Located in obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdesktopbase.cpp:179
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