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-b|--build <directory> [<deb>] build an archive.
-c|--contents <deb> list contents.
-I|--info <deb> [<cfile>...] show info to stdout.
-W|--show <deb> show information on package(s)
-f|--field <deb> [<cfield>...] show field(s) to stdout.
-e|--control <deb> [<directory>] extract control info.
-x|--extract <deb> <directory> extract files.
-X|--vextract <deb> <directory> extract & list files.
--fsys-tarfile <deb> output filesystem tarfile.
-h|--help display this message.
--version | --licence show version/licence.

<deb> is the filename of a Debian format archive.
<cfile> is the name of an administrative file component.
<cfield> is the name of a field in the main `control' file.

--showformat=<format> use alternative format for --show
-D enable debugging output
--old, --new select archive format
--nocheck suppress control file check (build bad package).
-z# to set the compression when building
-Z<type> set the compression type to use when building.
allowed values: gzip, bzip2, none

Format syntax:
A format is a string that will be output for each package. The format
can include the standard escape sequences \n (newline), \r (carriage
return) or \\ (plain backslash). Package information can be included
by inserting variable references to package fields using the ${var[;width]}
syntax. Fields will be right-aligned unless the width is negative in which
case left alignment will be used.

Use `dpkg' to install and remove packages from your system, or
`dselect' or `aptitude' for user-friendly package management. Packages
unpacked using `dpkg-deb --extract' will be incorrectly installed !
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Located in dpkg-deb/main.c:58
934 of 1000 results

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