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Reverse sort order in new windows
ХIоттайе керлачу корашна юханехьа къастор.
Translated by Салаудин Умархаджиев on 2016-10-24
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:174
If true, files in new windows will be sorted in reverse order. I.e., if sorted by name, then instead of sorting the files from “a” to “z”, they will be sorted from “z” to “a”; if sorted by size, instead of being incrementally they will be sorted decrementally.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:175
Default folder viewer
Аланза папканашка хьожург
Translated by Салаудин Умархаджиев on 2016-10-24
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:185
When a folder is visited this viewer is used unless you have selected another view for that particular folder. Possible values are “list-view”, and “icon-view”.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:186
Whether to show hidden files
Къалаяьхна файлаш гойтий
Translated by Салаудин Умархаджиев on 2016-10-24
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:190
This key is deprecated and ignored. The “show-hidden” key from “org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser” is now used instead.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:191
What viewer should be used when searching
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:195
When searching Nautilus will switch to the type of view in this setting.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:196
Bulk rename utility
Оьлан цIе хуьйцу утилита
Translated by Салаудин Умархаджиев on 2016-10-24
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:202
If set, Nautilus will append URIs of selected files and treat the result as a command line for bulk renaming. Bulk rename applications can register themselves in this key by setting the key to a space-separated string of their executable name and any command line options. If the executable name is not set to a full path, it will be searched for in the search path.
Хьост дIахIоттинехь, Nautilus тIетухур ду , билгаллаяхначу файлий URL адресаш, тIаккха ордур бу хилам оьла цIераш хуьйцуш болу буьйра могIа санна. Оьла цIераш хуьйцуш йолу юххедилларшна регистраци ян мега оцу хьостаца, хьостана а луш юкъаца къастийна могIанаш, кхочушйен файлийн цIерашший, буьйра могIан харжамашший чохь болу. Кхочушйен файлан цIе буьззина некъаца гайтина яцахь, файл лахар кхочуш йийра ю лоьхачу некъаца.
Translated by Салаудин Умархаджиев on 2016-10-24
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:203
4756 of 1119 results

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