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You can add images to your %s folder and they will show up here
translators: %s here is the name of the Pictures directory, the string should be translated in
* the context "You can add images to your Pictures folder and they will show up here"
(no translation yet)
Located in panels/background/cc-background-chooser-dialog.c:555
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2012-04-18
Located in panels/background/cc-background-chooser-dialog.c:560 panels/color/cc-color-panel.c:225 panels/color/cc-color-panel.c:963 panels/color/color-calibrate.ui:25 panels/color/color.ui:657 panels/common/language-chooser.ui:23 panels/display/cc-display-panel.c:2597 panels/network/connection-editor/connection-editor.ui:15 panels/network/connection-editor/vpn-helpers.c:181 panels/network/connection-editor/vpn-helpers.c:310 panels/network/net-device-wifi.c:1411 panels/network/net-device-wifi.c:1491 panels/network/net-device-wifi.c:1736 panels/network/network-wifi.ui:24 panels/printers/new-printer-dialog.ui:45 panels/printers/pp-details-dialog.c:331 panels/privacy/cc-privacy-panel.c:1081 panels/region/format-chooser.ui:25 panels/region/input-chooser.ui:13 panels/search/cc-search-locations-dialog.c:642 panels/sharing/cc-sharing-panel.c:384 panels/user-accounts/data/account-dialog.ui:28 panels/user-accounts/data/join-dialog.ui:20 panels/user-accounts/data/password-dialog.ui:21 panels/user-accounts/um-fingerprint-dialog.c:261 panels/user-accounts/um-photo-dialog.c:103 panels/user-accounts/um-photo-dialog.c:230 panels/user-accounts/um-user-panel.c:634 panels/user-accounts/um-user-panel.c:652
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2012-04-18
Located in panels/background/cc-background-chooser-dialog.c:561
multiple sizes
müteaddit ölçü
Translated and reviewed by Reşat SABIQ on 2009-10-22
Located in panels/background/cc-background-item.c:192
%d × %d
translators: 100 × 100px
* Note that this is not an "x", but U+00D7 MULTIPLICATION SIGN
%d × %d
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2012-04-18
Located in panels/background/cc-background-item.c:196
No Desktop Background
Masaüstü Arqazemini Yoq
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2014-09-30
Located in panels/background/cc-background-item.c:321
Current background
Cari arqazemin
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2012-04-18
Located in panels/background/cc-background-panel.c:291
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2012-04-18
Located in panels/background/
Change your background image to a wallpaper or photo
Arqazemin suretiñizni bir divar kâğıtına yaki fotoğa deñiştiriñiz
Translated by Reşat SABIQ on 2014-09-30
Located in panels/background/
Translators: Do NOT translate or transliterate this text (this is an icon file name)!
(no translation yet)
Located in panels/background/
1625 of 1580 results

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