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For users with mice that have buttons for “Forward” and “Back”, this key will set which button activates the “Back” command in a browser window. Possible values range between 6 and 14.
Pro usatores con mus qui ha buttones "avantiar" e "receder", iste clave establira qual button activa le commando "receder" in un fenestra del navigator. Le possibile valores es inter 6 e 14.
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:143
When to show thumbnails of files
Quando monstrar le miniaturas del files
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:148
Speed trade-off for when to show a file as a thumbnail. If set to “always” then always thumbnail, even if the folder is on a remote server. If set to “local-only” then only show thumbnails for local file systems. If set to “never” then never bother to thumbnail files, just use a generic icon. Despite what the name may suggest, this applies to any previewable file type.
Arbitration de velocitate pro quando monstrar miniaturas del files. Si on defini "Sempre" tunc on monstrara miniaturas, mesmo si le plica es in un servitor remote. Si es configurate “jammais” alora jammais sera enoiate per miniatura de files, usara solo un icone generic. Malgrado lo que le nomine pote suggerer, isto es applicate a ulle typo de file a pre-visualisar.
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:149
Maximum image size for thumbnailing
Maxime dimension del imagine pro le miniaturas
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:161
Images over this size (in bytes) won’t be thumbnailed. The purpose of this setting is to avoid thumbnailing large images that may take a long time to load or use lots of memory.
Imagines major de iste dimension (in bytes) non essera miniaturisate. Le scopo de iste configuration es evitar miniaturas de imagines grande que pote tardar multo tempore a ser cargate o usar multe memoria.
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:164
Default sort order
Arrangiamento ordinari
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:162
The default sort-order for items in the icon view. Possible values are “name”, “size”, “type” and “mtime”.
Le maniera predefinite de ordinamento del elementos in le vistas de icones. Le valores possibile es "nomine", "grandor", "typo","data de modification".
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:172
Reverse sort order in new windows
Inverter le ordine de arrangiamento in le nove fenestra
Translated and reviewed by karm
In upstream:
Inverte le arrangiamento in le nove fenestra
Suggested by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:167
If true, files in new windows will be sorted in reverse order. I.e., if sorted by name, then instead of sorting the files from “a” to “z”, they will be sorted from “z” to “a”; if sorted by size, instead of being incrementally they will be sorted decrementally.
Si ver, le files in nove fenestras essera ordinate in ordine invertite. I.e., si ordinate per nomine, in vice de ordinar le files ab “a” a “z”, illos sera ordinate ab “z” a “a”; si ordinate per dimension, in vice que in modo crescente, illos sera ordinate in modo decrescente.
Translated and reviewed by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:168
Default folder viewer
Visor ordinari del plica
Translated and reviewed by karm
In upstream:
Quadro ordinari del plica
Suggested by karm
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:185
4049 of 1118 results

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