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The specified (default) Ubuntu version (${RELEASE}) is not available from the selected mirror. It is possible to continue and select a different release for your installation, but normally you should go back and select a different mirror that does support the correct version.
Nid yw'r fersiwn penodedig (diofyn) o Ubuntu (${RELEASE}) ar gael o'r drych sydd wedi'i dewis. Mae'n bosib i barhau a dewis fersiwn arall ar gyfer eich osodiad, ond fel arfer dylech mynd yn ôl a dewis drych sy'n cefnogi'r fersiwn cywir.
An error has been detected while trying to use the specified Ubuntu archive mirror.
Canfodwyd gwall wrth ceisio defnyddio'r drych archif Ubuntu a dewiswyd.