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If you should run into any problems, you can join the `#ubuntu-quality IRC channel <qualityirc_>`_ to get in touch with developers who can help you.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/auto-pkg-test.rst:180
Sometimes you might want to make new functionality available in a stable release which is not connected to a critical bug fix. For these scenarios you have two options: either you `upload to a PPA <ppadoc_>`_ or prepare a backport.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/backports.rst:5
The `PPA documentation on Launchpad <ppadoc_>`_ is fairly comprehensive and should get you up and running in no time.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/backports.rst:18
This will create a directory ``trusty`` and install a minimal trusty system into it.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/chroots.rst:20
If your version of ``debootstrap`` does not know about Trusty you can try upgrading to the version in ``backports``.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/chroots.rst:23
For more information on chroots see our `Debootstrap Chroot wiki page <DebootstrapChroot_>`_.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/chroots.rst:52
SBuild is a system similar to PBuilder for creating an environment to run test package builds in. It closer matches that used by Launchpad for building packages but takes some more setup compared to PBuilder. See `the Security Team Build Environment wiki page <SecurityEnv_>`_ for a full explanation.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/chroots.rst:57
Full virtual machines can be useful for packaging and testing programs. TestDrive is a program to automate syncing and running daily ISO images, see `the TestDrive wiki page <TestDrive_>`_ for more information.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/chroots.rst:62
Amazon's `EC2 cloud computers <EC2_>`_ allow you to hire a computer paying a few US cents per hour, you can set up Ubuntu machines of any supported version and package on those. This is useful when you want to compile many packages at the same time or to overcome bandwidth restraints.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/chroots.rst:70
For further information, see the `changelog section (Section 4.4) <policy-changelog_>`_ of the Debian Policy Manual.
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Located in ../ubuntu-packaging-guide/debian-dir-overview.rst:64
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