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Ignore quickly-repeated key presses of the same key.
(itstool) path: info/desc
Schnell wiederholtes Drücken derselben Tasten ignorieren.
Translated and reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2012-03-26
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:24
Turn on bounce keys
(itstool) path: page/title
Anschlagverzögerung aktivieren
Translated and reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2012-03-26
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:28
Turn on <em>bounce keys</em> to ignore key presses that are rapidly repeated. For example, if you have hand tremors which cause you to press a key multiple times when you only want to press it once, you should turn on bounce keys.
(itstool) path: page/p
Aktiveren Sie die <em>Anschlagverzögerung</em>, um wiederholte Tastaturanschläge zu ignorieren. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel an Tremor leiden und infolgedessen eine Taste mehrfach drücken, obwohl Sie diese nur einmal drücken möchten, sollten Sie die Anschlagverzögerung einschalten.
Translated and reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2012-02-24
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:30
Click the icon at the very right of the <gui>menu bar</gui> and select <gui>System Settings</gui>.
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(itstool) path: item/p
Klicken Sie auf das Symbol ganz rechts in der <gui>Menüleiste</gui> und wählen Sie <gui>Systemeinstellungen</gui>.
Translated and reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2012-03-26
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:36 C/a11y-contrast.page:35 C/a11y-dwellclick.page:44 C/a11y-font-size.page:31 C/a11y-right-click.page:39 C/a11y-slowkeys.page:41 C/a11y-stickykeys.page:44 C/a11y-visualalert.page:39 C/accounts-add.page:31 C/display-dimscreen.page:44 C/display-dual-monitors.page:96 C/display-lock.page:36 C/files-autorun.page:41 C/mouse-disabletouchpad.page:33 C/mouse-doubleclick.page:38 C/mouse-lefthanded.page:34 C/mouse-sensitivity.page:39 C/mouse-touchpad-click.page:29 C/mouse-touchpad-click.page:64 C/mouse-touchpad-click.page:98 C/net-default-browser.page:29 C/net-default-email.page:29 C/net-findip.page:34 C/power-closelid.page:52 C/power-whydim.page:35 C/session-formats.page:34 C/session-screenlocks.page:36 C/tips-specialchars.page:61 C/unity-launcher-change-autohide.page:24
Open <gui>Universal Access</gui> and select the <gui>Typing</gui> tab.
(itstool) path: item/p
Öffnen Sie <gui>Zugangshilfen</gui> und wählen Sie den Reiter <gui>Texteingabe</gui>.
Translated by Eduard Gotwig on 2012-04-18
Reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2012-04-18
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:41 C/a11y-slowkeys.page:44 C/a11y-stickykeys.page:47 C/keyboard-osk.page:36
Switch <gui>Bounce Keys</gui> on.
(itstool) path: item/p
Schalten Sie die <gui>Anschlagsverzögerung</gui> ein.
Translated by Ghenrik on 2011-09-07
Reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2011-12-22
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:42
Use the <gui>Acceptance delay</gui> slider to change how long bounce keys waits before it registers another key press after you pressed the key for the first time. Select <gui>Beep when a key is rejected</gui> if you want the computer to make a sound each time it ignores a key press because it happened too soon after the previous key press.
(itstool) path: page/p
Nutzen Sie den Regler <gui>Verzögerung vor Annahme</gui>, um die Zeit festzulegen, die die Anschlagsverzögerung abwartet, bevor sie ein erneutes Drücken der Taste registriert. Wählen Sie <gui>Signalton ausgeben, wenn eine Taste abgewiesen wurde</gui>, wenn Sie ein akustisches Signal bei jedem ignorierten, zu schnell ausgeführten Tastenschlag wünschen.
Translated by Ghenrik on 2011-09-12
Reviewed by Daniel Schury on 2011-09-22
Located in C/a11y-bouncekeys.page:57
Use the <app>Orca</app> screen reader with a refreshable Braille display.
(itstool) path: info/desc
Den <app>Orca</app>-Bildschirmleser mit einer Braillezeile verwenden.
Translated and reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2011-09-26
Located in C/a11y-braille.page:14
Read screen in Braille
(itstool) path: page/title
Den Bildschirm in Brailleschrift lesen
Translated and reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2011-09-26
Located in C/a11y-braille.page:18
GNOME provides the <app>Orca</app> screen reader to display the user interface on a refreshable Braille display. Refer to the <link href="ghelp:orca">Orca Help</link> for more information.
GNOME stellt den Bildschirmleser <app>Orca</app> bereit, um die Benutzeroberfläche auf einem Brailledisplay anzuzeigen. Siehe <link href="ghelp:orca">Orca-Hilfe</link> für weitere Informationen.
Translated by Jeremy Bicha on 2012-02-05
Reviewed by Hendrik Knackstedt on 2012-02-08
Located in C/a11y-braille.page:21(page/p)
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