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1. (Ubuntu Documentation Project)
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu-C.omf:6(creator)
2. (Matthew East)
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New to Ubuntu?
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu-C.omf:8(title) newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu.xml:15(title)
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu-C.omf:9(date)
Introduction to the basics of Ubuntu, and what you need to know if you are switching to Ubuntu from another operating system.
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Users and Groups
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/usersandgroups.xml:17(title)
Credits and License
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/usersandgroups.xml:3(title) newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu.xml:3(title)
This document is maintained by the Ubuntu documentation team ( For a list of contributors, see the <ulink url="../../libs/C/contributors.xml">contributors page</ulink>
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/usersandgroups.xml:4(para) newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu.xml:4(para)
This document is made available under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.5 License (CC-BY-SA).
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/usersandgroups.xml:5(para) newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu.xml:5(para)
You are free to modify, extend, and improve the Ubuntu documentation source code under the terms of this license. All derivative works must be released under this license.
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Located in newtoubuntu/C/usersandgroups.xml:6(para) newtoubuntu/C/newtoubuntu.xml:6(para)
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