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Banana Protocol Specifications
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Banana 协议规范
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:7 specifications/banana.xhtml:11
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Translated by Fantix King
Reviewed by Fantix King
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Banana is an efficient, extendable protocol for sending and receiving s-expressions. A s-expression in this context is a list composed of byte strings, integers, large integers, floats and/or s-expressions.
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Banana 是一种高效、可扩展的协议,用于收发 s-表达式。在这里,s-表达式代表由字节字符串、整数、大整数、浮点数和其他 s-表达式组成的序列。
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:16
Banana Encodings
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Banana 的编码方式
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:21
The banana protocol is a stream of data composed of elements. Each element has the following general structure - first, the length of element encoded in base-128, least signficant bit first. For example length 4674 will be sent as <code>0x42 0x24</code>. For certain element types the length will be omitted (e.g. float) or have a different meaning (it is the actual value of integer elements).
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Banana 协议是一种数据流,由元素组成。每个元素有如下结构:首先是元素的长度,使用 base-128 编码,将 8比特的字节换为 7比特一组,每组最高位设为 0,不重要的比特组排在前面。例如长度 4674(低比特组在前的二进制表示为 <code>01000010 00010010</code>)将被编码为 <code>0x42 0x24</code>(二进制表示为 <code>01000010 00100100</code>)。对于某些类型的元素,这个长度将被忽略(如浮点数)或者有其他含义(就是整型元素的实际值)。
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:24
Following the length is a delimiter byte, which tells us what kind of element this is. Depending on the element type, there will then follow the number of bytes specified in the length. The byte's high-bit will always be set, so that we can differentiate between it and the length (since the length bytes use 128-base, their high bit will never be set).
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在长度之后是判别字节,它告诉我们元素的类型。根据元素的类型,后面可能会用指定长度的字节表示元素内容。这一判别字节的最高位永远是 1,这样我们就能区分它和前面表示长度的字节了(因为长度使用 base-128 编码,每个字节的最高位永远是 0)。
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:32
Element Types
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Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:39
Given a series of bytes that gave us length N, these are the different delimiter bytes:
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假设我们已经得到了长度字节,换算为整数 N,那么接下来的不同判别字节有:
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:42
List -- 0x80
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列表 ── 0x80
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:46
The following bytes are a list of N elements. Lists may be nested, and a child list counts as only one element to its parent (regardless of how many elements the child list contains).
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此判别字节之后的字节表示一个包含 N 个元素的列表。列表可以嵌套,一个子列表将被记为父列表的一个元素,无论这个子列表含有多少元素。
Translated and reviewed by Liu, Kun
Located in specifications/banana.xhtml:48
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