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Manage Samba and Linux users for NAS
Maintained by Horia Filimonescu; Registered on 2012-05-26
Anki is a spaced repetition system (SRS). It helps you remember things by intelligently scheduling flashcards, so that you can learn a lot of information with the minimum amount of effort.
Maintained by Damien Elmes; Registered on 2009-06-26
Anomos - Anonymous, Encrypted BitTorrent
Maintained by Rich Jones; Registered on 2010-02-19
Anonplus is a project to create a free system controlled entirely by the people who use it. It is built from the ground-up using open source technology and the power of peer-to-peer software. Anonplus will create a platform for the development of decentralized applications.
Maintained by Vomun Developers; Registered on 2011-11-06
The client libraries and service that powers the Ubuntu phone's lock screen infographics.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2013-06-07
A PyGObject interface to ClamAV
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2012-08-05
Nautilus-clamscan adds the ability to Nautilus to scan files for viruses from a right-click.
Maintained by Clément Lorteau; Registered on 2008-04-17
Anubía - OpenERP addons
In this project we will publish our own OpenERP addons. - - - http://www.anubí (yes, with an accented "í", as it is a Galician word, meaning "it's cloudy")
Maintained by Alejandro Santana; Registered on 2014-01-31
Apathy is a communications client offering instant messaging based on the telepathy framework.
Maintained by Apathy Maintainers; Registered on 2009-05-17
App Grid
Please see for details and to download appgrid.
Maintained by pgg; Registered on 2013-06-12
App Of Jaq
App Of Jaq enlivens the Shot Of Jaq experience by bring it to your desktop.
Maintained by Jono Bacon; Registered on 2010-02-14
AppArmor gives you network application security via mandatory access control for programs, protecting against the exploitation of software flaws and compromised systems.
Maintained by AppArmor Developers; Registered on 2007-07-03
A fast and beautiful app store. Designed for elementary OS.
Maintained by elementary Apps team; Registered on 2010-04-18
Appearance Plug
The plug for switchboard used to change the appearance of the entire system
Maintained by Corentin Noël; Registered on 2012-08-29
iSight Firmware Tools
A set of tool for firmware extraction from Mac OS X driver and loading for use with udev. Use linux-uvc driver to acces the isight. Support all built-in iSight starting with iMac G5 iSight.
Maintained by Étienne BERSAC; Registered on 2007-12-11
This application allow to send SMS from phone connected through bluetooth connection, is possible to create a list of sms and modify two key words on the fly, before of send it, <NAME> is replaced with the name of receiver of the sms and <EXTRA> is replaced with an extra word at your option.
Maintained by Giuseppe Buzzanca (PiDy); Registered on 2009-10-18
Apport intercepts Program crashes, collects debugging information about the crash and the operating system environment, and sends it to bug trackers in a standardized form. It also offers the user to report a bug about a package, with again collecting as much information about it as possible.
Maintained by Martin Pitt; Registered on 2006-07-27
Appy (Applications in python) is a bunch of tools distributed under the GPL license for developing applications in the Python programming language. Note that packages appy.pod and appy.shared on are deprecated. Use the new 'appy' package at The code hosted here at Launchpad is obsolete. The repository in use is now
Maintained by Gaëtan Delannay; Registered on 2009-06-29
A project intended to help get up to the standard at
Maintained by AptUrlRedirector Team; Registered on 2010-10-25
Aptdaemon allows normal users to perform package management tasks, e.g. refreshing the cache, upgrading the system, installing or removing software packages.
Maintained by Sebastian Heinlein; Registered on 2009-01-04
Apticon Creator
Apticon facilita la instalación de aplicaciones para usuarios noveles, creando un minilanzador de apturl para automatizar la instalación de programas desde un icono. El programa que hace esto se llama Apticon Creator
Maintained by Apticon Team; Registered on 2009-05-16
Command line utility to simplify re-installation of software packages after upgrading and re-installing the Linux distribution.
Maintained by Tony George; Registered on 2013-02-08
Arduino Debugging Tool
Arduino Debugging Tool implements the Firmata protocol to interact with an Arduino board.
Maintained by Christoph Nikic; Registered on 2010-09-05
Arduino Scope
A software oscilloscope for arduino or compatible clones.
Maintained by Steffen Kockel; Registered on 2012-01-21
Ario is a full featured client for MPD (Music Player Daemon). The interface used to browse the library is inspired by Rhythmbox but Ario aims to be much lighter and faster. It uses GTK2, Gconf to store configurations and curl to download remote files (like cover arts).
Maintained by Marc Pavot; Registered on 2007-11-01
Arista Transcoder
A simple multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop. Arista focuses on being easy to use by making the complex task of encoding for various devices simple. Pick your input, pick your target device, choose a file to save to and go. Features include automatic discovery of DVD media and V4L devices, ripping from DVD, V4L devices, or files, a live quality preview, and included presets for the most popular devices currently in use.
Maintained by Daniel G. Taylor; Registered on 2009-04-20
Arkose - Desktop Application Sandboxing
Desktop application containers made user friendly.
Maintained by Arkose - Desktop Application Sandboxing developers; Registered on 2011-01-09
Front end of aria2c with ElementaryOS HIG
Maintained by Viko Adi Rahmawan; Registered on 2013-02-17
Arronax is a plugin for Nautilus that lets you create and modify .desktop files. It adds a "create Starter" menu item for the Desktop to to the context menu of files.
Maintained by Florian Diesch; Registered on 2012-05-13
arte +7 recorder
Script bash pour le téléchargement des émission d'arte
Maintained by Arte +7 recorder; Registered on 2009-03-03
AskLib - Text based C++ class library
Ask objects prompt a user for an object repeatedly until valid data is entered. Help messages are displayed based upon user inputs or errors. Supports various natural languages. Handles journaling and mixed indirect input from files and user keyboard which makes for easier testing of applications. Includes documentation, example applications and test code.
Maintained by Ask Library (C++) Developers; Registered on 2009-05-19
Asterisk Click2Dial Firefox Extension
An Asterisk Click2Dial Firefox Extension
Maintained by Jon; Registered on 2010-01-25
Audacious is a popular audio player for UNIX systems with emphasis on audio quality and decoding correctness. It initiated as a fork of BMP, which was a GTK2 port of XMMS.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2006-06-01
A modern video player that brings the lessons learned from the web home to the desktop.
Maintained by Audience Members; Registered on 2011-12-13
Audio Player
Audio Player is a highly configurable single track mp3 player for the WordPress blogging platform.
Maintained by Martin; Registered on 2008-05-28
Audio Recorder
This is an audio recorder application for the GNOME 3 and Ubuntu's Unity Desktops.
Maintained by Team audio-recorder; Registered on 2011-01-17
Audio Recorder Applet (OLD!)
This is an audio recording applet for the GNOME-desktop.
Maintained by moma; Registered on 2010-08-04
This application reads lossless audio, cue sheets and DVDs and writes FLAC or Nero AAC. It features a joblist and a powerful tag editor capable of fetching all metadata from pages.
Maintained by Robert Tari; Registered on 2013-06-14
An easy usable application with converts from text formats with mp3 format audio books
Maintained by BeLin developers; Registered on 2012-12-12
AUSTRUMI (Austrum Latvijas Linukss) is a business card size bootable live CD Linux distribution. It is based on Slackware Linux. It was created and is currently being maintained by a group of programmers from Latgale region of Latvia. It requires limited system resources and can run on any Intel-compatible system with a CD-ROM installed. The entire operating system and all the applications run from RAM, making Austrumi a fast system, and allowing the boot medium to be removed after the operating system starts.
Maintained by austrumi; Registered on 2009-07-13
Autoconflate is a GNU-style configure system for releasing programs that use the Distribute release management system. It provides a simple convenience for users who wish to install Distribute-built software via a more traditional interface.
Maintained by Stephen Compall; Registered on 2012-09-11
Automated Suggestions for Checkbox
Automated Suggestions for Checkbox
Maintained by Ubuntu French Translators; Registered on 2013-01-24
Automated Suggestions for Marketing Guide
Automated Suggestions for Marketing Guide
Maintained by Ubuntu French Translators; Registered on 2013-01-06
Automated Suggestions for Raring Ringtail
Automated Suggestions for Raring Ringtail
Maintained by Ubuntu French Translators; Registered on 2012-12-28
Automated Suggestions for Ubuntu Server Guide
Automated Suggestions for Ubuntu Server Guide
Maintained by Ubuntu French Translators; Registered on 2012-12-20
Automated Suggestions for the Packaging Guide
Automated Suggestions for the Packaging Guide
Maintained by Ubuntu French Translators; Registered on 2013-01-05
Quicky Automated Translations Suggestions
Automated Translations Suggestions for Quicky
Maintained by Pierre Slamich; Registered on 2013-08-30
Automated suggestions for the DDTP
DDTP Automation test
Maintained by Ubuntu French Translators; Registered on 2012-10-02
GNOME Automate
GNOME Automate is designed to provide user with simple interface for creating alarms, reminding him about birthdays, appointments, important dates. GNOME Automate can be configured very easily even by a non-power user and fits perfectly into the GNOME Desktop.
Maintained by sabby7890; Registered on 2008-01-30
Autoptimize is a Wordpress plugin that automatically merges, minifies and compresses CSS, Javascript and HTML code.
Maintained by Emilio; Registered on 2009-07-08
A cerebral science fiction game for GNU.
Maintained by Kip Warner; Registered on 2010-10-15
Avant Window Navigator (Awn) is a dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen.
Maintained by Awn-core; Registered on 2007-07-25
Avanzosc developments
Avanzosc own OpenERP module developments
Maintained by Avanzosc Developers; Registered on 2011-01-12
MeMaker gives users a wide variety of images that, when placed together, create an avatar. This avatar is intended to represent the way that this person is in some way. The goal of the project is to have enough images that anyone can create an image that they feel would closely represent them without having to use a photo in the image itself.
Maintained by Memaker Dev's; Registered on 2007-06-16
Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. It offers a flexible rendering framework and a powerful plugin architecture.
Maintained by Avogadro Team; Registered on 2008-02-03
Awn Extras
Applets and anything else related to the Avant Window Navigator (Awn) dock.
Maintained by Awn Extras Developers; Registered on 2007-07-28
Azpazeta is a sandbox game where the money is the most important. Azpazeta is the strategy-economic game.
Maintained by Divel Team; Registered on 2012-08-07
Advanced DC++ Client for Linux
Maintained by BMDC++ Team; Registered on 2011-05-04
BREMSKERL OpenObject Addons
OpenObject / OpenERP Addons developed by BREMSKERL Reibbelagwerke Emmerling GmbH & Co. KG.
Maintained by Marco Dieckhoff; Registered on 2011-08-15
BaShare (Basic Share) is a very simply and user-friendly file sharing tool over the Internet and private LAN too.
Maintained by Guiodic (Guido Iodice); Registered on 2009-05-07
Babel Enteprise
Babel Enterprise provides an IT Security Dashboard. Babel is able to measure the risk of each asset of a company, or a group of them. Babel evaluates compliance level of any security policy in a company, in order to help to achieve their goals, for instance, whether LOPD, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 policies are being accomplished. Babel manages relevant assets for each one of the companies that Babel controls. This assets are related with managed risk levels. Babel generates reports, either in HTML or PDF with the security level of a system, compliances, groups, domains, areas...
Maintained by Babel Drivers; Registered on 2011-06-21
Babelium is a community of people who likes to learn and teach languages. Babelium is a collaborative language practising environment. Here you’ll be able to improve your speaking skills with the help of other users, which are native or fluent in the language you’re practicing, whilst you help other users providing knowledge and assessment around your own mother language. Just record or grab a video that you think could be interesting to practice a language and upload it so that other users can practice with it. You can also dub the exercises that other users uploaded. On top of this you can also assess the work of other people and be assessed.
Maintained by Babelium Admin; Registered on 2012-09-27
Babiloo is an open source free OS independent dictionary application that works in offline mode.
Maintained by Administrators of the Babiloo Project; Registered on 2008-04-16
Back In Time
Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux.
Maintained by Back In Time Team; Registered on 2008-10-13
HD Lorean
HD Lorean aims to be an integrated backup system similar to that of a popular non-open-source feline-named OS ;), but with some additional features. Intended features are to see each folder or file in every moment of time, as well as backup to external sources or search through deleted or modified files. It should be integrated in the gnome desktop, extending nautilus and possibly Tracker.
Maintained by HD Lorean Integration Team; Registered on 2007-10-25
Network management script and library useful to manage profiles.
Maintained by Mr. Freeze; Registered on 2006-01-14
A cross-platform media indexing/search tool.
Maintained by Patrick Ulbrich; Registered on 2008-10-02
A Building Cloud Project
Maintained by Baptiste Goguet-Chapuis; Registered on 2013-11-29
You play versus a computer controlled opponent. Instead of firing blindly you get hints about the enemy's ships' positions.
Maintained by Thomas Finteis; Registered on 2012-06-20
Bauble is a biodiversity collection manager. It is intended to be used by botanic gardens, herbaria, arboreta, etc. to manage their collection information. It is a open, free, cross-platform alternative to BG-Base and similiar software. It uses Python, GTK+ and SQLAlchemy. Bauble has been split into bauble.classic and bauble.web+bauble.api. active development goes on at translations on launchpad will be imported into bauble.classic. to contribute translations to bauble.web please use github.
Maintained by Bauble Developers; Registered on 2006-05-26
A plugin to bzr to build a Debian package from a bzr branch, similar to svn-buildpackage and the equivalents for other version control systems. For information on how to use it see the user manual at
Maintained by Bzr-builddeb-hackers; Registered on 2006-11-01
Bazaar Config
NOTE: development is suspended. Similar functionality provided by Bazaar GUI pluigns bzr-gtk (gpreference command) and QBzr (qconfig command).
Maintained by Bazaar Developers; Registered on 2007-01-14
Bazaar Explorer
Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application for using the Bazaar Version Control System. It provides a high level interface to all commonly used features, launching "applets" from the QBzr plug-in to provide most of the functionality. Alternatively, the applets from the bzr-gtk plug-in can be used if it is installed. Bazaar Explorer runs on GNOME, KDE, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.
Maintained by Bazaar Explorer Developers; Registered on 2009-06-02
Bazaar is a friendly powerful distributed version control system.
Maintained by bzr-core; Registered on 2005-09-16
A music player with focus on speed, simplicity and music discovery.
Maintained by BeatBox Team; Registered on 2011-02-03
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