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`wronly` is a command-line utility that writes the data from its standard input stream to a file that is specified on the command line. Unlike the similar, but more advanced `tee`, wronly provides guarantees about what it prints to standard error, making it more suited for programmatic use with commands that share the standard error descriptor (e.g. `sudo -S`).
Maintained by Daniel Trebbien; Registered on 2010-05-22
Simple personal finance.
Maintained by Michael Rooney; Registered on 2008-04-20
Free front-end for the Lame
Maintained by Cristiano Nunes; Registered on 2013-04-29
Free front-end for the MP3gain
Maintained by Cristiano Nunes; Registered on 2013-05-01
Free front-end for the MP3val
Maintained by Cristiano Nunes; Registered on 2013-05-01
This is a translation project for Postbooks Edition of xTuple ERP. 这是 xTuple 开源版本 Postbooks 中国翻译项目
Maintained by Robin; Registered on 2011-09-24
XCA is a graphical user interface for creating RSA/DSA/ECC keys, x509 certificates, PKCS#10 signing requests and revocation lists.
Maintained by Christian Hohnstädt; Registered on 2010-08-19
Thunar context menu extension to launch comparison tools.
Maintained by serg; Registered on 2008-08-31
Project for the translation of Xdriller
Maintained by durmieu; Registered on 2010-02-20
-Several things come
Maintained by Vauxoo; Registered on 2012-06-02
A XPDF version patched to support localization using gettext.
Maintained by sylvain cresto; Registered on 2007-07-16
Background settings dialog for XSplash and the login screen (GDM), providing easy changing of the background image and an optional daemon, that keeps xsplash and gdm background consistent with the desktop wallpaper.
Maintained by meerkat; Registered on 2010-01-12
Xt7-Player is an open source gui to mplayer
Maintained by xt7-player-dev-team; Registered on 2011-11-15
PyGTK based GUI for xgamma
Maintained by Florian Diesch; Registered on 2009-03-05
Yaxim is a Jabber client for Android with the aim to maintain the server connection even under bad network conditions.
Maintained by Georg Lukas; Registered on 2010-05-21
优客助手以易用性为目标,采用QT图形化编程,提供垃圾清理、系统美化、系统信息等功能。 'Youker Assistant' is a user-friendly system assistant for normal users, it is written with Qt 4.8 and Python. It aims at helping all users to conveniently manage their Linux systems.
Maintained by Ubuntu Kylin Members; Registered on 2013-07-02
z3ext Blogger
z3ext Blogger component
Maintained by Gustavo Rahal; Registered on 2009-11-04
zMusic application for VK users.
Maintained by zTeam; Registered on 2013-10-29
zeffects - zenity frontend for gscrot-plugins-bash
Maintained by Martin Rabeneck; Registered on 2008-05-28
zfComicEngine is CMS for publishing comics.
Maintained by raspi; Registered on 2009-10-24
ZMII is a utility for changing themes for gnome 3, gnome shell, ubuntu unity and icons in Ubuntu based systems.
Maintained by eloaders; Registered on 2011-10-08
Vogon is an online evaluation system based on Zope3.
Maintained by Gregor Giesen; Registered on 2008-03-14
A little and fast backup program.
Maintained by µSoft Team; Registered on 2008-07-08
A multiplatform microblog client
Maintained by Dalton; Registered on 2009-09-03
21012124 of 2124 results