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Simple and fast calculator for Ubuntu Touch
Maintained by Bartosz Kosiorek; Registered on 2016-01-06
Maintained by Liigo; Registered on 2014-11-09
Maintained by Liigo; Registered on 2014-11-11
The Toast Machine is a Self-Service Distributor of Free Software.You can burn your favourite distro CD/DVD or you can plug your USB portable storage media and copy a live image or a Free Software Pack on it.
Maintained by Giampaolo Bozzali; Registered on 2010-01-31
The tpfand daemon controls the fan speed of IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks based on temperature profiles. tpfan-admin provides a GTK+ frontend to monitor system temperature and adjust fan trigger temperatures.
Maintained by Sebastian Urban; Registered on 2007-09-26
tpad text editor.
Maintained by tpad Developers; Registered on 2013-01-21
Maintained by Wang Chuan; Registered on 2015-05-26
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead 日本語翻訳(旧)
Maintained by ten-10; Registered on 2013-08-03
The Translations Training project lets you do your first translations and helps you learn how to use Launchpad. Click on the "Translations" tab to get started.
Maintained by David Planella; Registered on 2011-01-10
A µTorrent like Windows remote control for the Transmission BitTorrent client (transmission-daemon)
Maintained by Elbandi; Registered on 2010-01-19
GTK remote control of the Transmission BitTorrent client using its RPC interface.
Maintained by ajf; Registered on 2011-12-09
Treewatch watches a directory for a specified type of file to change. When one of the files changes, treewatch runs a program of the users choice.
Maintained by Roger Light; Registered on 2008-03-19
The Tropic theme.
Maintained by Ubuntu Artwork Team; Registered on 2006-10-05
An API for creating, reading, updating and deleting trust requests answered by users.
Maintained by Thomas Voß; Registered on 2014-05-06
Utility for searching for and, optionally, replacing strings in both text and binary files. This is a fork of original turma project located at: This fork was made after decision to remove obsolete GTK1 libraries from the AUSTRUMI linux distribution. Seems like original project authors is not supporting it anymore.
Maintained by Viktors Petrovs; Registered on 2009-10-29
A simple graphical interface to control tvtime application.
Maintained by Mirek Rewak; Registered on 2010-12-06
Very simple clone of twitter/ written in Django for educational purposes
Maintained by Łukasz Czyżykowski; Registered on 2009-09-02
uApp Explorer
The unofficial app viewer for Ubuntu Touch apps
Maintained by Brian Douglass; Registered on 2015-09-19
uCareSystem (former 2clickUpdate) is a system maintenance asistant that will help you automatically check for updates, install updates, remove junk files, remove old kernels and thus regain some free space
Maintained by Salih EMIN; Registered on 2010-02-03
The app calculate your carbohydrate, insulin and FP units and has 4 functions: KU-Calculator IU-Calculator IU-Calculator for a snack FPU-Calculator
Maintained by Ronny Fuchs; Registered on 2015-08-12
With Diabetes-Diary can you save your blood sugar values.
Maintained by Ronny Fuchs; Registered on 2015-10-20
A light ftp manager app
Maintained by Costa davide; Registered on 2016-02-15
This is an app for Ubuntu Touch for displaying football data.
Maintained by Moritz Weber; Registered on 2016-01-25
Migrated to Translatations are here:
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2015-05-22
A tool to write and paint to an existing pdf file. uPdf can insert pages of another pdf, insert new pages, remove and extract pages, rotate pages, paste an image in the existing pdf, and much more.
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2012-08-27
Aplicación de emisoras de radio para Ubuntu Phone. | App radio stations for Ubuntu Phone
Maintained by Rubén Parra; Registered on 2015-04-22
A simple Reddit browser for Ubuntu
Maintained by Michael Hall; Registered on 2013-08-30
An application to write text with mardown sintaxis
Maintained by atareao-team; Registered on 2013-05-12
An tris application for ubuntu touch
Maintained by Emanuele Antonio Faraone; Registered on 2016-02-02
Simple Volume Controller for Ubuntu Phone
Maintained by Devid Antonio Filoni; Registered on 2016-12-18
Migrated to
Maintained by costales; Registered on 2016-06-10
Ubiquity Slideshow for Ubuntu MATE
Maintained by Mohegan; Registered on 2014-08-25
uubr is the draft of a program for adds relevant information to an error report or a question in the forum.
Maintained by Registry Administrators; Registered on 2008-06-01
this project contains scripts and softwares to customize all the aspects of ubuntu/gnome from Grub to the desktop
Maintained by Penguincape Team; Registered on 2009-05-24
ubuntu translation
Ubuntu Helps and translations
Maintained by Vishnu Gt; Registered on 2010-10-17
This is the project for the ubuntu-cy website, a simple static website (presentation, informative). It also supports hard-linked atom feeds and random banner images.
Maintained by Ubuntu-cy Web Team; Registered on 2009-06-02
A complete Manual for Writing Applications for Ubuntu, featuring comprehensive guides, howTos and information on anything you need to know after first installing Ubuntu.
Maintained by Ubuntu Developer's Manual Team; Registered on 2010-05-26
Ubuntu Keyboard as maliit plugin
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2013-08-12
An application which takes a PDF as input and then outputs it to CUPS
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2016-12-14
The default Wallpapers for Ubuntu.
Maintained by Ubuntu Artwork Packagers; Registered on 2007-11-16
Maintained by Ubuntu Manual Team; Registered on 2013-04-29
This is the API for requesting the credentials to access Ubuntu One, for apps that wish to integrate with Ubuntu One.
Maintained by Ubuntu One; Registered on 2011-07-20
Development has moved to github: UCView is an image capture application built using the unicap libraries.
Maintained by Arne Caspari; Registered on 2007-08-16
A helping tool for udev testers, coders, hackers and consumers.
Maintained by J. Félix Ontañón; Registered on 2011-08-17
udev-notify is a simple free software app for Ubuntu that runs in background and shows visual notifications when you plug-in a new device - Camera, Joystick, Removable Drive, Media Player etc... It uses udev for monitoring hardware changes, and NotifyOSD, notification-daemon, xfce4-notifyd or knotify (whichever you have installed) for the notifications.
Maintained by lokster; Registered on 2011-05-06
It is the year 2084. You control a secret organisation charged with defending Earth from a brutal alien enemy. Build up your bases, prepare your team, and dive head-first into the fast and flowing turn-based combat.
Maintained by mattn; Registered on 2010-05-23
Ufw stands for Uncomplicated Firewall, and is program for managing a netfilter firewall. It provides a command line interface and aims to be uncomplicated and easy to use.
Maintained by Jamie Strandboge; Registered on 2007-12-13
Provides a simple graphical interface to ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall), for KDE.
Maintained by Roderick B. Greening; Registered on 2008-11-19
A 2d arcade fight game, based on the gameplay of super smash bros, from nintendo.
Maintained by usf-team; Registered on 2009-11-29
Small program to display the available actions when the live CD is played under Windows
Maintained by Agostino Russo; Registered on 2008-01-10
The repository has moved to github: unicap provides a uniform interface to video capture devices. It allows applications to use any supported video capture device via a single API.
Maintained by Arne Caspari; Registered on 2007-09-05
Unifield addons
Maintained by UniField Dev Team; Registered on 2011-03-23
Unity: A desktop experience designed for efficiency of space and interaction.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2011-01-14
Quicklist Editor for Unity Launcher
Maintained by Laudeci Oliveira; Registered on 2011-05-04
Unity Lens and Scope for the Friends Service
Maintained by Ken VanDine; Registered on 2012-10-12
This is a lens for Unity, that fetces info for appropriate rubygems.
Maintained by Constantinos Koniaris; Registered on 2012-09-23
This scope gets the list of available click packages from a webservice, and lets the user see the details of each application before installing. The details include screenshots, rating and reviews.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2013-07-12
A QML plugin that exposes Scopes functionality to Unity shell.
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2013-11-06
event-based init daemon
Maintained by Upstart Developers; Registered on 2006-07-13
A tool to take Ubuntu CDs and ISO files and write them in a usable form to USB disks.
Maintained by usb-creator hackers; Registered on 2008-09-09
Ubuntu phones Scope app for getting football scores from the major football leagues.
Maintained by Ionut Negru; Registered on 2015-10-05
This is torch application for Ubuntu Touch. This application is already in Ubuntu Touch App Store.
Maintained by Szymon Waliczek; Registered on 2013-11-19
Val(a)IDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Vala programming language.
Maintained by Nicolas Joseph; Registered on 2010-08-21
Download videos from various video sharing websites
Maintained by SKSS team; Registered on 2011-01-17
Record video from a capture device
Maintained by Florent Mertens; Registered on 2012-12-06
Vio Visual Novel Engine or simply vioengine is a browser based visual novel engine. It is written in PHP and uses jQuery.
Maintained by Samith Sandanayake; Registered on 2010-04-13
Maintained by vkfs; Registered on 2011-04-25
vPlot is a simple GTK+ mathematical plotter, capable of plotting multiple functions simultaneously and combining them into new functions.
Maintained by Sergey Nizovtsev; Registered on 2010-01-22
An open source android app for browsing
Maintained by L3d00m ; Registered on 2015-08-03
This tool allows you to use your scanner not only to scan the color of each pixel of an image but also to determine how transparent each pixel is.
Maintained by PeterPall; Registered on 2011-11-27
Integrated accounting ERP system. Multi-language/currency/inventory locations. Full double entry. SO/AR/PO/AP/GL/Bank/Sales Analysis. BOMs/assemblies/kit-sets. Flexible pricing. Emailable pdf reports. Fast PHP created html for any browser.
Maintained by Tim Schofield; Registered on 2010-01-28
Browser application
Maintained by PS Project Management Team; Registered on 2013-02-21
This is a collection of scripts to be used with and various online services.
Maintained by elementary Pantheon team; Registered on 2012-03-26
WebPG for Chrome is a browser extension for Google Chrome/Chromium browsers that provides GnuPG crytographic functions
Maintained by Kyle L. Huff; Registered on 2012-10-21
WebPG for Firefox is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey that provides GnuPG crytographic functions
Maintained by Kyle L. Huff; Registered on 2012-10-28
20262100 of 2133 results